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By refusing to seat House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s appointees to the Select Committee, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has violated 232 years of precedent.

While families are struggling to afford gas that is averaging $5 a gallon nationwide and inflation that is still near a 40-year high, Democrats are laser-focused on playing politics and distracting from the issues that matter.

In today’s press conference, Leader McCarthy made it clear that House Republicans are committed to reducing inflation, lowering the cost of gas, and standing up to the Democrats’ one-party rule.

Remarks as prepared are below, or you may watch online here.

“Speaker Pelosi’s Select Committee on January 6 is unlike any committee in American history. In fact, it’s the most political and least legitimate committee in American history.

“It has used congressional subpoenas to attack Republicans, violate due process, and infringe on the political speech of private citizens.

“It has been caught altering evidence – including text messages from Ranking Member Jordan.

“It has permanently damaged the House and divided the country.

“It’s a smokescreen for Democrats to push their radical agenda – like federalizing elections and even abolishing the Electoral College.

“And all while this Democrat majority ignores the real issues facing Americans – including the worst inflation since 1981, record high gas prices that have doubled since Biden took office, historic crime, and open borders.

“To be clear, the violence at the Capitol that day was wrong, and we have repeatedly denounced it. But keeping the Capitol safe is not the point of Pelosi’s illegitimate Select Committee.

“From the beginning, the Select Committee refused to investigate the real circumstances that led to the riot, including the lack of security around the Capitol.

“They also ignored left-wing mob violence, which led to riots and loss of life across the country.

“When House Republicans proposed investigating these facts, Speaker Pelosi did not respond for 3 months. Then, she jumped to create the Select Committee.

“Not only that, she rejected my picks to serve on that Committee – violating 232 years of House tradition.

“Pelosi rejected Congressman Banks, a distinguished Afghanistan veteran.

“She rejected Congressman Jordan, the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee.

“But while she rejected qualified Republicans, she appointed radical Democrats.

“She appointed Chairman Thompson, who — to be clear — objected to presidential electors in 2005.

“She appointed Congressman Raskin, who also objected to presidential electors in 2017 AND called for President Trump’s impeachment before Trump took office.

“And she appointed Congressman Schiff, despite his years of lying about the Russia-Collusion Hoax and the Hunter Biden Laptop.

“The future of our nation rests on the ability of Americans to trust our political system, to have safer streets, to have affordable food and gas, and to have confidence that elected officials are listening to real concerns.

“Democrats are using January 6 to avoid accountability for making the nation less safe and less prosperous.

“But Americans are not fooled by Democrats’ distractions. And Republicans are not deterred from focusing on the issues that matter most to them.

“Now I want to bring up Congressman Jim Banks. As we said at the time Speaker Pelosi rejected my picks to serve on the committee – Republicans would be conducting our own investigation. And Jim Banks has led that.”