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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on Fox News this afternoon to discuss how Republicans are restructuring Washington through regulatory reform, health care reform, and the rest of our 200-day agenda.

Full remarks are below or watch online here.

On the Need for Greater Economic Growth:

“If we want to solve our problems for the future we need to get growth back in America to 3% and higher. Now think for one moment, where has the market been since Election Day? We’ve been able to grow because of the anticipation for what’s going to happen,…and we are on pace to make that happen.”

On Regulatory Reform:

“Look at what he’s [President Trump] doing on regulatory reform––he’s setting new records of what he’s been able to do in this short amount of time. Think about in this last Administration, they added more than 16,000 pages of regulation––that’s 12 King James Bibles. We’ve been able to set a whole new record about being able to repeal a lot of that to bring some commonsense back. You are going to see new investment in this country that we have not seen before.”

On a Better Way for Health Care and Tax Reform:

“Obamacare is in essence two things––it’s exchanges and the expansion of Medicaid. Both of those are collapsing in the process, so we’ve got to solve that problem. By doing that, you repeal all those taxes. When you repeal all those taxes…you change the baseline so you can do bigger comprehensive tax reform for everyone that brings greater growth.”