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Up to this point, the appropriations process has been working, but Democrats seem determined to break it.

Since starting the appropriations process the earliest since 1974, the House has been working diligently to ensure this process is completed in a timely manner. With an open amendment process, Democrats and Republicans in the House have worked together to already pass six of the 12 appropriations bills:

1) Military Construction and Veteran Affairs (H.R. 2029): Secures funding necessary to provide for our veterans when they come home and invests in our military infrastructure.

2) Energy and Water (H.R. 2028): Provides necessary resources for America’s infrastructure, including our electric grid, nuclear stockpiles, and critical water projects.

3) Legislative Funding (H.R. 2250): Continues the pay freeze for members of Congress that has been in place since 2010 and blocks any added funding, putting us on a fiscally-responsible track to save even more money for the taxpayers.

4) Commerce, Justice, and Science Funding (H.R. 2578): Provides resources for the FBI to keep us safe, reprioritizes funds to give additional support in combating counterterrorism and cybercrime, and increases funding for NASA.

5) Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development (H.R. 2577): Supports our interstate highway system, maintains efficient and safe air and rail transportation, and ensures that our housing safety net will be there for elderly and disabled tenants of public housing.

6) Defense (H.R. 1745): Funds military operations, readiness, and health and safety programs for our soldiers, while giving our troops a much needed pay raise.

Unfortunately, Senate Democrats and even a few House Democrats seem willing to obstruct this great progress. Just last week, they threatened to obstruct Congress, block appropriations bills, and grind our work here to a halt—even going so far as to shutdown the government—unless they get their way.

Well, there’s a good lesson that Senate Democrats need to learn: when something is working, don’t try to break it. With the House having already completed half of the appropriations bills, it’s obvious that the appropriations process is working. Democrats should be trying to make the process even better, not stop it in its tracks.