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Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) and House Republicans held a press conference today on the need to immediately extend the Paycheck Protection Program and provide critical relief for small business owners and their employees. Leader McCarthy also called out Speaker Pelosi for sabotaging COVID relief efforts in an attempt to hurt President Trump politically, and called on House Democrats to join Republicans in getting much needed relief to America’s small businesses and their employees.


“Almost a week ago to the day, Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally admitted what every member standing here today knew to be true: she sabotaged a COVID relief deal simply because of an election. She put politics before people.

“It was more important for her to try to hurt President Trump politically, than it was to help the American people.

“And this is the devastation that has happened Since Speaker Pelosi sat on a solution: 

  • Roughly one in five small businesses have closed
  • 110,000 American restaurants have already permanently shut their doors
  • According to a recent survey from the National Restaurant Association, ‘500,000 restaurants of every business type — franchise, chain, and independent — are in an economic free fall’

“These are more than just numbers. These statistics tell the story of real people who are fighting like hell for their livelihoods and the livelihoods of their employees.

“I know what it’s like to have a dream, to put everything into a small business and risk it all. I never thought it would be government that shut [small businesses] down. But when government made that decision, government [took on] a responsibility.

“There’s more than $138 billion still sitting there for small businesses in the PPP program to pay their employees. More than forty times, Republicans have brought to the floor the ability to vote to bring assistance. More than forty times, the Democrats have said ‘no.’ 

“The Speaker said she would keep us here, but she did not. The Speaker then called us back for a special session, but it was about the Post Office. Republicans brought up relief, it was the Democrats who once again voted no.

“There are twenty-three Democrats who signed a letter in September — who warned the Speaker that if she continued to play politics and not move forward with COVID relief that they would sign a discharge petition. I don’t know if I should believe [them] because they have not signed it yet…

“The Speaker one week ago admitted that she planned to sabotage [relief efforts] and put people out of business simply for her own political beliefs.

“The election is over, the time [to work] is now, and there’s an opportunity to get it done.

“I know more than forty times [Democrats] have said ‘no,’ but today we hope [they] will say ‘yes.’ How many more businesses have to [close]? How many more dreams have to be shattered? How many more people have to be laid off before Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats will act?

“I’ll promise you this: Republicans will continue to work in good faith, just as we’ve put forth bills again and again that the Democrats have voted no on, just as we’ve worked with the Senate and the White House, [and] just as we know there’s an opportunity to help those who need it the most and to stop playing politics.”

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