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Washington, D.C. — House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy issued the following statement calling for House Republicans to fulfill their constitutionally-mandated oversight authority over the Biden administration:“The American people elected a new House Republican majority because the past two years of one-party Democrat rule have failed America.“President Biden’s radical policies have created an unprecedented open border crisis resulting in record numbers of illegal immigration, deadly fentanyl, and terrorism suspects crossing into our country.“The Department of Justice targeted concerned parents for speaking up for their children at school board meetings.“These actions by the Biden administration deserve oversight and accountability, which Republicans will pursue in the new Congress.“House Republicans will be ready on day one to exercise our Article I authority to hold the Biden administration accountable. Every congressional committee has an oversight responsibility, and we intend to finally get the answers the American people deserve.“We will not wait until January. Our work to hold this administration accountable has already started. House Republicans will follow the facts, and that means seeking documents and obtaining relevant testimony from top officials within the Biden administration.“In 46 days, House Republicans will have the gavel, and our investigations to get answers on behalf of the American people are just getting started.”

Letters from the Republicans on the House Committee on the Judiciary are below.Letter to White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain requesting testimony from certain White House staff available here.Letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas requesting testimony from certain Homeland Security officials available here.Letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland requesting testimony from certain Department of Justice officials available here.Letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting testimony from certain officials in the FBI available here.Letter to Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona requesting testimony from certain officials in the Department of Education available here.