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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on H.R. 13, the Commitment to American Security Act, which he introduced this morning alongside Homeland Security Ranking Member Mike Rogers:

For months, we have seen rising crime rates result in threats to Americans’ lives, liberties, and property. House Democrats’ demands to defund the police have only stood in the way of helping law enforcement serve and protect our communities. But House Republicans have put forward a plan to keep Americans safe in their communities and at our nation’s borders.

“Today marks an important effort to ensure all communities are safe and secure. The Commitment to American Security Act would increase funding for local police for better training and 500,000 body cameras, which means more transparency, more accountability, and better performance. Additionally, it includes nearly 40 provisions to protect the homeland by strengthening our border security, cyber security, and transportation security. Through our priorities and actions, Republicans continue to follow through on our Commitment to America agenda to restore the American way of life.

“Keeping our communities safe is the most basic responsibility of government. It should not be a partisan issue. If members are serious about reversing the rising trend of crime, safeguarding the 2nd Amendment, and protecting the homeland, they should welcome the opportunity to vote on common sense solutions to improve public safety. Democrats should join us in making communities safer and more secure. The American people deserve nothing less.