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From the moment he assumed office, President Biden has enacted policies that directly caused the crisis at our southern border. Now, instead of working with Republicans to end the crisis, the Biden Administration is denying it’s even taking place.

What America needs right now isn’t denial, it’s real leadership. That is why House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy traveled with 12 House Republicans to the border yesterday where they assessed Biden’s Border Crisis firsthand.

Ranking Member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, John Katko, summed the situation up earlier this morning on America’s Newsroom, stating, “There’s no question that it’s a human tragedy, and it’s a tragedy that didn’t have to happen… What I saw [yesterday] confirmed everything I already believed, and that the disorder at the border was caused by Biden’s executive order. There’s just no question about that.” 

After touring the El Paso Processing Center and seeing that the facility is completely overwhelmed by migrants, Representatives Yvette Herrell, John Rose and David Joyce joined Fox & Friends this morning to share their experience. Congresswoman Herrell explained, “When they built this facility they thought they would never reach capacity, but while we were there yesterday we were told by Chief Chavez that they actually did indeed meet their capacity yesterday and are looking for overflow opportunities even out in their parking lots.” 

Congressman Joyce added that the coyotes and drug smugglers are the ones benefiting from the Biden Administration’s reckless policies, stating, “One of the most staggering statistics I heard yesterday was the idea that they are paying an average of $4,000 to have these coyotes push them into the country. Now think about that. Just last month, they caught 100,000. That’s $400,000,000.”

The worst part about all of this is that it was completely avoidable. This crisis was created by President Biden’s policies, and House Republicans need to continue to inform the rest of the country about what’s happening at the border. We can not allow this to continue.