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This week, the Leader’s Advisory Team on Cuba gathered in Miami, Florida, in support of the Cuban people’s cry for liberty from communism. During their visit, they listened to the stories of Cuban-American community leaders, influencers, and dissidents. The testimonies they heard will inform next steps on policy solutions to confront the tyranny of the communist regime in Havana.

As Leader McCarthy said last night at a Cuba Freedom Rally, “This is not about COVID. This is about communism.”

During roundtable meetings today, Leader McCarthy, Governor DeSantis, and the Leader’s Advisory Team on Cuba heard from South & Central American community leaders and Cuban dissidents about their experiences, which will better inform policies that ensure the United States stands in solidarity with the Cuban freedom movement.

“This is a movement. But again: where is the President? Where is the Speaker of the House?” McCarthy asked today during a press conference to recap the trip’s events. “Why are you staying silent…How can you stay quiet when you know what is going on? How can you leave when you know the time is now? How can you not join with [us]? This should not be a Democrat or Republican issue. This is an issue about America, about freedom, and the future of the world.”

Socialism and communism are dangerous, destructive, and evil ideologies that have caused immense human suffering. America stands with Cubans who long for freedom.

This was not our first call to action, nor will it be out last. House Republicans will always support the Cuban people in their quest for freedom.

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