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Washington, D.C. – House  Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke today at a Republican leadership press conference on how the House will keep success and opportunity at the forefront of the agenda by passing several bills to fix the country’s failing education system.

Leader McCarthy’s Remarks are below, or watch them here.

First off, I want to say how disappointed I am—how disappointed I am that the President vetoed the Keystone Pipeline simply for political reasons. With that veto, the President said ‘no’ to more than 40,000 jobs. The President, with that veto, said ‘no’ to bipartisan legislation that worked with the House and the Senate.

“But despite the obstruction of what this President is doing—saying ‘no’ to the American public—you’ll find in the House that we’re working in a different manner.

“I know the President earlier in his budget said ‘no’ to every family in America that tries to save for their children’s future in a 529 account. We’re glad he rethought that with the pressure put forward.

“But there’s more that we can do. I have two small kids that are now one in college and one about to go to college. My wife, Judy, and I when we first found out she was pregnant, we started saving because it was no longer what we would become, it’s what opportunities our children would have.

“Education is the great equalizer. So we want to make sure you have that opportunity no matter where you come from in America and that’s what’s going on today and this week in the House.

“One, improving our education system that empowers parents, empowers local school districts to make kids prepared for the 21st century. But also with Lynn Jenkins’s 529 account to expand it.

“So our message today is, Mr. President, stop saying ‘no’ to the American public, but let’s say ‘yes’ to a 21st century where America leads once again.”

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