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Washington, D.C.  House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke today on how the House and Senate will come together to move the country forward: 

“I’ll start by congratulating the new leadership team, and I want to start also by thanking my constituents for giving me the opportunity to serve another two years.

“The election was a very large election. You must not misread into what it said. The American public have watched from Obamacare to the VA to the IRS to Benghazi, the challenge that this government has had in incompetency.

“Our mission as House Republicans is to change that, to move America in the right direction. And when you watch and see what we’ll start with tomorrow as the Speaker talked about Keystone Pipeline. It’s jobs. It’s the economy. It’s moving us forward.

“You will find that as we walk into the new year, the House and the Senate will work together. We have a number of bills already sitting that we can move to the President’s desk, and we ask for an opportunity that this President starts anew, that both houses and the President work together to put America first.

“I made a promise when I took the leadership job a few months ago and we will keep that. The House Republicans will have the wisdom to listen, but the courage to lead.”