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Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) called on Senate Democrats again to stop stonewalling over 300 House-passed bills and outlined the House’s newest proposals to grow our economy and protect American workers from Obamacare:

Watch McCarthy’s remarks here:

“Welcome back.

“As we continue to travel the country, I hear a lot of different items from a lot of different individuals.  But let me give you a few numbers: 364. That’s the number of bills that have passed the House that sit in the Senate. That’s almost one for every single day of the year. Milk is at an all-time high and the President’s approval rating is at an all-time low, at 38.

“It’s now that the American people are looking for Washington to move and act. In the House this week, we’ll take up a number of bills. One that you will find is, ‘If you like your healthcare you can keep it’ from Congressman Cassidy, with small businesses and others seeing their premiums rise.

“Next week, if it’s so difficult for the Senate to act, we’ll package these bills together on jobs, on lowering the energy costs for individuals throughout America. We will package them together to make it easier for the Senate to pass before we depart.”