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If you want to know the difference between how the Senate and the House are working, here are two quotes that sum it up perfectly:

Democrat Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18) has had 18 roll call votes on amendments this past year, a full 50 percent more than Senate Republicans have had altogether. When asked about her amendments, Representative Jackson Lee said“I want to thank the Republicans for their generosity… I’m just grateful for the bipartisanship here.”

Compare that to Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, whose party controls the upper chamber and who uses Amtrak to commute to work each morning. He told Washington Post that Leader Reid’s stranglehold on the Senate is so bad that “he keeps working on small issues, hoping to find bipartisan partners and sneak them into law without getting ensnared in the bigger partisan wars. Otherwise, he said, ‘I have a hard time getting on the train in the morning.’”

In the past year, we have had roll call votes on more than 180 amendments offered by Democrats to appropriations bills alone. Senate Republicans have had 12 – on ANY piece of legislation.

Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy had this to say about the Senate’s inaction:

“Here in the House we are willing to work with anyone who will work. Harry Reid is refusing to let the Senate work. He should allow a more open process, like we have in the House, so that we can stop the gridlock and get Washington moving again.”