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Miami Mayor Francis Suarez wants to help. Since replying to a tweet suggesting Silicon Valley be moved to Miami, his “how can I help?” campaign is a fresh reminder on what governing is about that has been seemingly lost on local leaders today. Those four words are a mantra for public leaders working for, not against, small businesses.

As Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy put it in a conversation with the mayor recently: “I think a lot of businesses, myself included and I know the LA people, they don’t feel overly welcome right now. But Florida is a place, Miami is a place that I am personally looking at.”

Mayor Suarez’s governing mission is simple: make Miami the most competitive and business-friendly environment in the country to attract high paying jobs while also preparing his residents with a premium education to fill them.

Leader McCarthy caught up with Mayor Suarez in Miami yesterday to collaborate on how we can replicate this model at a national level.

The two discussed what’s driving the recent trend of companies leaving their home state of California for others like Texas and Florida.

“And it’s not just big companies — it’s my neighbors. I’m losing my neighbors and small businesses because they can’t survive in California…Instead of coming after the businesses, how can we work together? We’re all part of the community,” Leader McCarthy said.

Mayor Suarez sees the shift as an opportunity for his constituents. Attracting investments and companies is about more than just friendly tax policies — it’s about creating a safe, educated community with a rich culture for everyone to thrive.

“Government, the private sector, our education systems — if we all work together, we can make things better for everyone…It’s about creating a friendly environment and feeling welcomed. You only get to live this life once…You want to live where you have the best quality of life, in places where people appreciate you, and where when you build something, you get recognized for [creating good high paying jobs]…But demonizing and pushing people away, I’ve never found that to be successful.”

Our very own member, Rep. Carlos Gimenez (FL-26), came to Congress after serving as mayor of Miami-Dade County. He made transforming South Florida into a major tech innovator a main priority of his leadership, and coined the area “tech beach”.

Now more than ever, Americans need their elected leaders to think and work creatively like this to better the lives of their constituents. Leader McCarthy agrees with this philosophy, and as a native Californian, consistently aims to infuse innovation with the world of politics to make each work even more efficiently.

“The great part of this mindset is using technology to make government customer service better…It’d make it more efficient, more friendly, and it would save money too,” he said.

We hope you enjoy this refreshing conversation on ideas, solutions, and helping people as much as we did.