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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” with Rick Santelli to discuss House Republican efforts to hold government agencies like the IRS accountable and reforming our broken tax code:

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On The Growing Distrust Of Big Government:

“I think trust is the number one issue that Americans need. You want to be able to trust who you bank with, who you shop with but most importantly you want to be able to trust your government. The only way you earn trust back is earning it through transparency. Now maybe the IRS feels it is uneasy to go through this, but think how uneasy it is for an average American taxpayer to go through an audit. That’s why you’ll have three different hearings this week. You’ll have taxpayers coming before that had to stand before the IRS and answer questions, and you’re going to have the Oversight and Government Reform Committee talk about these conferences that the IRS had – spending $50 million in a couple years. Even the one in Anaheim for more than $4 million. I think transparency will go a long way in correcting the problem and begin to earn the trust of the American people.”

On House Republicans’ Goal Of Comprehensive Tax Reform:

“It is true tax reform because I want to take those 70,000 pages and wipe them away. And the way that Dave Camp, Ways and Means Chairman says, ‘Start with a blank piece of paper and say, what do you want the tax code to look like?’ You want it simpler and fairer. When it started it was 400 pages, today it is 70,000. And when you think about America, America doesn’t just compete with itself but with the world. In business today, if we were doing a business Olympics for a 100-meter dash we would start 20 yards behind, and have to jump over hurdles while everyone else ran straight. Let’s let America be competitive. The only way to do that is create a tax code that creates entrepreneurship, that is fair in the process and to my point, is simpler. That means that everyone has an equal shot in this country.”

On The IRS Scandal Being An Impetus For Tax Reform:

“Now is the best time [for tax reform]. Look at the IRS. At no other time does this country want to see the IRS itself reformed and the tax code as well. Look at the Wall Street Journal today – The reason why entrepreneurship is shrinking in America is because people are afraid of risk. It is the actions taken in the last four years by the government that is knocking entrepreneurship down. If America takes risk, we break through and you have to have a tax code that allows that to take place. In my belief, yeah it may be tough, but I think it is worth fighting for. When I look at this Congress and what it is able to do, while the Senate might try to hold us up, but we found real breakthrough this year with “No Budget, No Pay” and made the Senate do a budget the first time in four years.”