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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley to talk about House Republican budget:

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On The President’s ‘Road Show’ Campaign:

“I believe anytime both parties are talking it is a good thing. This should have happened four years ago, but I am glad it is happening now. But is this about politics or is this genuine? Only time will tell. This President spends a lot of time on the road, a lot of time on politics. He walked off his campaign election on election night and made two phone calls to Nancy Pelosi and Steve Israel – the head of the Democratic campaign committee. Is this about winning the House or is this about governing for all of America?”

“There is an opportunity that both sides can come together and find common ground for America. But if the President thinks you can talk to new people and ask the same question about raising taxes, he is going to get the same answer. But if the President comes and says where can we work together, where can we find common ground? He is going to like the answer he gets.”

On The President Meeting With Congress:

“The President always likes to play politics and I think he will continue to play that political game. But look, Democrats were more excited that he invited a Democrat down to the White House. He has problems on both sides of the aisle. He hasn’t  brought many people to the White House, he doesn’t know that many people in the House, he knows more people in the Senate because he served there for a couple of years.”

“He is coming to the House Republican Conference which I think is positive. He has only done that once before. But he should come and listen, communicate, and try to find where we can find common ground. Where can we bring that accountability back to government? That’s what Republicans are looking for.”

On The Contrasts Between Senate Democrat And House Republican Budgets:

“If you are at or near retirement, 55 years old, there is no difference. Where you have to focus is that we’ll actually pass a budget that balances in ten years. The Democrats in the Senate haven’t passed a budget in four years.  We’ve passed the No Budget, No Pay Act, even though the former Speaker thinks it’s ‘undignified’ – I think it’s undignified if you don’t do your job, they’re going to pass a budget that will never balance.”

On Leader Pelosi Saying ‘No’ To Strengthening And Saving Medicare And Social Security:

“So, Nancy wants Medicare to go bankrupt? House Republicans will not allow that. We will preserve and protect Medicare and Social Security. When you look at the budget, we make an investment – we make sure it’s there for the next generation and protect it for the current generations as well. If you ignore the problem – you’re saying you support bankruptcy.”