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Washington D.C. –  House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on Fox News’ “America’s News Room” to discuss legislation from the House that will require the President to show how he will balance the budget.

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On the President’s Statement Regarding His Sequester:

“The idea of sequestration was the President’s. The House actually passed, twice last year, a way to find the cuts while protecting the military. The Senate ignored it and the President ignored it. Then he asked for a two month patch in the fiscal cliff, and now he’s asking for it again. That does not solve the problem. And now the President is coming back with his same answer for everything; take more money from the tax payers. That is not the answer. We need to get government under control and expand this economy.”

“The whole idea of sequestration was the President’s idea. The House actually passed twice last year a way to find cuts that would protect our national defense and the Senate ignored it and the President ignored it. Then he asked for a two month delay during the fiscal cliff debate and now he was more time to stave of the cuts. This does not solve the problem. And remember, this President keeps coming back to the same answer for sequestration – to take more money from the paychecks of Americans. This is not the answer and we need to get government spending under control and expand this economy.”

On the President’s Failed Record On The Budget:

“We have passed a bill that would find the cuts to help us move forward, but we are moving forward to produce a budget that balances and actually grows the economy. The President however has missed the budget deadline four of the last five years and we had to threaten the Senate with their paycheck to even get them talking about doing a budget because they haven’t done one in four years. Now we are passing a bill today that tells the President to lay out how his budget would balance.”

On Working with the White House:

“You know how many times we have been to the White House and he has pulled the football out from under us? This President can never come to an agreement while Congress has shown it can do the job. Of all the budgets the President has sent to the Capitol they have never received one vote from a Republican or a Democrat. The President has increased spending and racked up deficits over $1 trillion every single year. The CBO Director just warned yesterday that the amount of debt to GDP is in dire straits.”

On The House Republicans Response To Dealing With The President’s Sequester:

“We will put a budget together that reforms government, expands the economy, and lets us grow. That is something we have passed before. This is the sequester that the President asked for. It is the Obama sequestration that is going through on March 1st. He requested it and has ignored any alternatives to it, the Senate has ignored it while the House has acted.”