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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) appeared on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” with host Bill Hemmer to discuss House Republican efforts to reform the tax code and shrink the national debt through economic growth and job creation:

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On House Republicans Pushing Comprehensive Tax Reform To Foster Economic Growth & Job Creation:

“This is what the Republicans are doing – the Ways and Means Chairman, Dave Camp, and I are holding listening sessions in my office. We think the only way out of this is economic malaise is to expand the economy. That means that we need tax reform so America can compete in the global economy. We want to close loopholes and expand our ability to compete in other areas throughout this world, and we think there will be a vote inside this House to do that. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats want to add more taxes which will further hurt this economy.”

On President Obama’s & Senate Democrats’ Failed Leadership On The Economy, Debt & Spending:

“I know the President said he is more flexible after the election but I think voters should actually see what we are more flexible on – what we are proposing for the future. This President makes a lot of promises he doesn’t keep. He promised to cut this deficit in half and instead he has added more debt than the last forty Presidents combined.”

“What I would say is that if we waited for the President, we still wouldn’t have a resolution to debt ceiling. So the idea that he continues to add to the debt when Senate Democrats won’t even propose a budget…. There is no direction and a lack of leadership from the White House. So when Republicans proposed that we have to do something different; we have to control the spending of the government while at the same time expand the economy – the President went AWOL and that cannot be the case.”

On California’s $16 Billion Budget Gap & Business Climate:

“As a country we should learn from California – they have a millionaire’s tax and have cap and trade and still go further into debt… As result of California’s overregulation, high tax burdens – now they are proposing higher taxes – businesses are shifting away, and that is the wrong direction, which unfortunately is the same direction in which this White House has proposed. So, we have seen this experience lose jobs in California and we don’t want to put that on the nation.”