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Washington D.C. –  House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” to discuss the No Budget, No Pay Act:

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On How No Budget, No Pay Puts America On A Better Path Forward:

“I was talking about where we want to take this country. We want to put us on a path towards a balanced budget. We want to move this country to a place with greater opportunity where you don’t see thirteen million people unemployed. I think you see a team effort and we are united behind making sure the No Budget, No Pay Act moves through this House and gets the Senate once and for all to put up and pass a budget. How do you expect to plan for the future if they cannot do the number one thing they are supposed to do as elected officials?”

On How the No Budget, No Pay Act Works:

“Elected officials need to pass a budget. How does the President stand before the American people and give his speech about what he wants America to invest in and ask for more money without even laying out how they will spend it and move to balance the budget? They talk about being able to cut government, but they never show you where they are going to go. Having a budget is fundamental. This bill will move the April 15 deadline for a budget to be passed, as we are trying to be fair, into May. If they can’t do their job, which they haven’t been able to do in four years, they shouldn’t be paid. The same is held for us in the House. If we can’t pass a budget, we shouldn’t be paid.”

On Spending Cuts in this Congress:

“When you look at what is transpiring, on March 1 sequestration is going to happen. Those are the cuts that were put in place during the last debt ceiling debate. This Congress is going to be only the third Congress since WWII that has cut spending year over year over year. Even in Newt Gingrich’s time they weren’t able to do that. We have moved discretionary spending down, and we want to see tax reform to see the economy grow further.”