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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on Fox News’ “Special Report” with Bret Baier to debate the budget, the House passed continuing resolution and the President’s sequester with Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD):

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On The House Passed Continuing Resolution Heading To The Democratic-Controlled Senate:

“I would caution Leader Reid to not alter it. This is a bill that was bipartisan out of the House with a strong vote. It allows us to move forward by funding the government for the rest of the fiscal year, up to September 30, 2013. It helps the military, the Department of Defense, military construction and veterans affairs with flexibility with the money. I think it is a good bill shown in the House, and it would be smart for them to pass it, move forward and not bring any doubt there won’t be a shutdown – take away the uncertainty for the rest of the fiscal year so we can move on to other items.”

On Senate Democrats’ Failed Effort To Replace The President’s Sequester With Tax Hikes:

“It doesn’t replace it [the sequester]. The sequester comes in and cuts $85 billion out of approximately $3.6 trillion This carries the sequester number forward, but it gives the Department of Defense and the military greater flexibility. …Chris lays out his bill that he proposed numerous times but that’s just more taxes. It is the exact same bill the Senate Democrats proposed that couldn’t even get out of the Senate and even some Democrats voted against it. So, that was going nowhere. This is a bill that has bipartisan support, moves to Senate, can moves us forward and remember – this matches the criteria the President laid out last week that he said he could actually sign. …Chris and the Democrats got their tax increases already.”

On The President’s Refusal To Lead On The Sequester:  

“Remember where this came from. Sequestration came from – the White House. House Republicans passed twice the ability to move sequestration so that we still have the cuts but to make it in a better manner. We moved it to the Senate twice, but nothing ever came from it.

The President talked a lot, but did nothing until the day before sequester hit and brought the leaders down for a photo op.”

On Whether Or Not The President Is Serious About Solving The Problem:

“I think you’ve watched the President’s approval rating go from 53 percent to 43 percent in a short time period. I think he’s feeling the heat by being on a road-show consistently. People are frustrated by that – they want to see some leadership here. There are many times we’ve sat down with this President to try to come to an agreement, and we never could get there. I’m hopeful this all changes the pattern of the last four years, and his behavior. Maybe this is a wake-up call, and maybe he will work together with us.”

On The President’s Focus On Winning Back The House In 2014:

“On election night, Chris, when you won, did you pick up the phone and call the DCCC Chairman? That’s what the President did when he walked off the state – who did he call? He called Nancy Pelosi and Steve Israel. It [the President’s phone call] wasn’t even to Harry Reid to say ‘let’s build this country with the policy that I ran on,’ – no his call was, ‘let’s keep this campaign going – let’s forget about policy, and let’s try to win the House. … He is President of the entire United States, and just won a second term. How many people are out-of-work, how long have we struggled? This isn’t an opportunity to keep the campaign going – it’s time to start governing.”