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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” and Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” earlier this morning to unveil the Domestic Energy & Jobs Act, a package of domestic energy production bills that will not only reduce energy costs that hard-working families and small businesses currently face, but also spur badly-needed economic growth and job creation:

“This is an American investment in America. If we say we are for all-of-the-above we should act as if we are for all-of-the-above.”

Whip McCarthy on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”

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The Domestic Energy & Jobs Act Is An Opportunity To Grow Our Economy & Spur Job Creation:

“This is an American investment in America. If we say we are for all-of-the-above we should act as if we are for all-of-the-above.”

“This bill is an opportunity for job growth. Most recently, the House Energy Action Team went across the country to visit with energy producers to see first-hand the economic opportunity from domestic energy production. I went to North Dakota where I have watched the state not only surpass California in energy production, but now they produce more than Alaska. North Dakota doesn’t even have enough housing to keep up with this economic growth. We want to see this type of investment in domestic jobs throughout the country.”

On Bipartisan Support for the Domestic Energy & Jobs Act And Need For Senate Democrats To Act On Jobs:

“What is unique is that every one of these bills has bipartisan support coming out of committee. We don’t know what happens in the Senate because we still have 29 jobs bills sitting there waiting for action. Everything seems like it goes to the Senate to die. This is a unique opportunity for us to invest in America, raise the domestic job growth and change our energy policy in America.”

“I do believe that the power of the idea should win at the end of the day. These are strong ideas that have bipartisan support, and we should have this debate. We should be able to move this bill to the Senate, and have the Senate bring it up. If it is able to come up on the Senate floor, I am very confident we can pass this.”

Whip McCarthy on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends”

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On Spurring Job Growth Through Energy Production & Innovation:

“The thing we have to do is produce more. If you produce more in America and you actually create energy independence across America you also create American jobs. When you have greater production, the cost goes down on gasoline but the same time, American jobs are created, and we’re not funding other countries. It’s an opportunity for job creation and with technology today, we can find oil in places we have not been able to find it before. but more importantly we can create American jobs in finding it.”

On Spurring Economic Growth & Job Creation Through The Domestic Energy & Jobs Act:

“Well, we have the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act – it’s a set of seven different bill that look at the ability produce to more on federal lands because the one factor that you find on federal land, the production is down 14% under this President. If you look at the Bureau of Land Management, they have 1600 permits that have been delayed  for three years. Just that permitting would create more than 60,000 jobs.”

On Using North Dakota As A Model For Economic Growth & Job Creation For America:

“Look at what has transpired in North Dakota – North Dakota in just the last five years has not only surpassed California in energy production, they’ve now surpassed Alaska. They are number two in the production of energy in America and you look – they have 3% unemployment. They don’t even have enough housing for workers. I was just there – I spent more than $200 a night in a Best Western. So, energy is a unique opportunity for job growth across America.”