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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) appeared on Fox News’ “American Newsroom” and MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown” earlier this morning to discuss today’s House floor consideration of the Domestic Energy & Jobs Act, a package of domestic energy production bills that will put Americans back to work and reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy:


Whip McCarthy on Fox News’  “American Newsroom”

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On The Domestic Energy & Jobs Act:

“The most important thing when people look to manufacturing is the cost of doing business. Energy costs are a major factor in this and if we lower costs and make them consistent so we don’t have dramatic peaks, manufacturing jobs will come back.”

“This is starting to happen when it comes to natural gas and you watch some manufacturing jobs that have come back because we have allowed greater production of it. We can do the same thing across the board. We have a hold up in bureaucracy. The numbers of federal leases that have been put forward are the lowest level since 1994. We have a number of them held up that could create more than 65,000 jobs. … Why is this our policy in a down economy? Why don’t we put people back to work? Why does the bureaucracy have to hold these back?”

“I think the American people are very frustrated; they are frustrated with the lack of action I they see in the Democrat controlled Senate. I will tell you that every place I go and talk about small business they look at the bills the House has passed and they are supportive. But they question why the Senate won’t even bring them up? And will continue to fight to make sure the Senate brings them up. We will continue to pass legislation that creates jobs. We will not give up. We believe in this country, we believe in America and we believe it’s worth fighting for.”

On Federal Reserve’s Downward Revision of GDP & Job Growth Yesterday:

“It’s not a good number, you see no change and you still see a weak economy. The Fed yesterday acknowledged this outlook as they continued to move forward with operation twist as they think unemployment will continue to be above 8% going into the end of the year. This is bad news because you don’t see new job creation and most importantly you have tax increases looming at the end of the year. We need to stop that based on the lack of economic growth.”

On Frustration With The Doing-Nothing-Senate & Lack Of Leadership From President Obama:

“Congress has actually moved a lot, it’s the Senate that is stopping us from passing job creation bills. We have 30 bills sitting over the Senate that are about job creation. Even today we have a job creating energy production bill that will pass the House Floor.”

“Well this is a great frustration when you look at the Senate and nothing is moving – they try to stall anything passed in the House. Even though we have a job creation bill on the floor today that is bi-partisan vote, the President has put a veto threat on it after he claims he is for all-of-the-above energy policies. That is a frustration.”

“This president said that if you passed his stimulus bill that unemployment would never go above 8%, but forty months later it is still above 8%. We need to get this country moving again, focus on small business and focus on job creation. The number one thing we can do to stimulate this is through an energy policy that will shrink our trade deficit, put people back to work and change our foreign policy.”

Whip McCarthy on MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown”

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On Washington Holding Back Economic Growth, Job Creation & Energy Security:

“The most important thing we can do to spur job creation is to end uncertainty. First, you have an energy policy right now that cannot make us energy independent. But this bill will. It will also get job creation started right away. Here is a jobs plan to move forward with in July and we will also stop the tax increases that are on the horizon. Moving this economy forward is all about job creation.”

“They can stop the backlog. If you drill a little deeper into those numbers you see the increase in energy production is occurring on private lands, not federal lands. It is coming from places such as North Dakota which has just surpassed Alaska and California in energy production – not from states where the majority of energy resources are found on federal lands.”

“If you look even deeper, we currently have the least amount of active federal leases we’ve had since 1994. The backlog within these federal leases is holding up 65,000 jobs. So yes, privately we have been able to produce but why isn’t this happening on federal lands? Because of the hold up in government.”

On The Need For The White House And Senate Democrats To Get Serious On The Economy, Jobs & Energy Security:

“That is the fundamental difference and that is what we are trying to change today and passing this bill will do this and more. It would shrink our trade deficit, change the way we look at foreign policy, and put more people back to work. This is why on the floor today we are making a big change and we hope Democrats will join us.”