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Washington D.C. – At a weekly press conference, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) discussed the Democrat majority’s decision to announce a deal on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) an hour after announcing articles of impeachment.

“Just last week at this podium, [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi went to point out they created a timeline to impeach President Trump, that she said started two and a half years ago. Many of you know of this timeline, because once they took the majority, they had to decide who would become chairs of their committees. The Impeachment Committee, or Judiciary, who could win? [Chairman] Jerry Nadler campaigned on that he would be the very strongest member to lead a potential impeachment.

“On the day of swearing-in, these new freshmen that gave them the majority, a mere few hours after being sworn in, Congresswoman Tlaib proclaimed, ‘We are going to impeach the mother—.’ You had [Congressman] Al Green admitting that the Democrats have true fears that if they do not impeach President Trump, he would win re-election.

If you need any more evidence of how unpopular impeachment is, watch the two press conferences today. After announcing impeachment within less than an hour, the Speaker finally relented and said she would bring USMCA up. She’s held it for more than a year, making America weaker in our negotiations with China. Our number one and number two traders — Mexico and Canada — were being held up within our own agreement.

“At no time when she would bring this bill up was there ever a fear of it not passing. But the only reason she finally relented was because of the unpopularity of impeachment itself.

“…I just hope no Congress, regardless of who is in the majority, will ever take us down this path again. We have such great potential in this nation — but to have wasted a majority on this is an embarrassment to this Congress.”