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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered a speech on the House floor today opposing H.Res. 430, the desperate attempt by House Democrats to re-litigate the Mueller investigation, take power away from Members of Congress, and concentrate control at the top tier of the House Democratic leadership.

Highlights are below, or watch the whole speech here.

“At its core, H.Res. 430 is a desperate attempt to re-litigate the Mueller investigation. I urge my colleagues to oppose this resolution.

“H.Res. 430 does not strengthen Congress’s oversight powers, contrary to what Democrats say. Fundamentally, it is an impeachment effort in everything but name.


“If the public wants to see a good example of congressional oversight, then let’s look at something that’s comparable — the House’s contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder in 2012.

“The House Oversight Committee took two important actions before suing in federal court.

“First, it negotiated with Attorney General Holder in good faith for 15 months, not a few days, and they never asked him to break the law either — narrowing the scope of its original subpoena, only after extensive back-and-forth negotiations failed did it vote to hold him in contempt.

“Second, it got the full House to vote on — and approve — a bipartisan contempt [citation against Holder].

“Now, I’m not sure why this Committee of the Judiciary, Mr. Speaker, would not know this, but I did a little research because I was here during that time. You know why they didn’t realize the best way to make it bipartisan? Because, Mr. Speaker, a lot of them stormed out of the chambers.

“Even though 17 Democrats voted in favor of the criminal contempt resolution against Holder and 21 voted to enforce a civil citation, a number of them stormed outside and protested. […] I remember watching then-Minority Leader Pelosi, then-Minority Whip Hoyer, and Congressman Nadler lead 100 Democrats off the House floor to protest the vote.

“You won’t see that on our side — we believe in the rule of law.


 [They] don’t care about the rule of law, [they] don’t care about asking anyone to break the law, just break every historical trend, and try to take the power away from millions of Americans and the Members of Congress.


“Democrats say we are in a ‘constitutional crisis.’ They are right — but not because of Attorney General Barr. The true constitutional crisis is this: when Democrats can’t win, they change the rules.


“The American people deserve a majority that is serious about coming up with solutions, not subpoenas. There are plenty of important challenges that we could be working to solve.

“Just yesterday, I opened The New York Times, which isn’t a paper I always agree with, but it had an editorial, not for the first time but for the second time, talking about the crisis at the border. And as I read this editorial, I found myself agreeing with it greatly.

“When I read it, it talked about the border, it [told] Washington to stop ‘dithering’ and do something about it. I looked to wonder what committee would be most responsible for this challenge…lo and behold, it was Judiciary.


“This will not be a day that’s proud, […] this is one that when [those who vote for H.Res. 430] get asked later in life if there’s something they regret, they’ll regret [that] emotion overtook them. They’ll regret that their own personal dislike drove them…

“But I guess that same emotion, that same lack of ability to actually look at the rule of law, and work toward something instead of just changing the rules because you can’t have your way, that’s what today is about.

“The worst part of it all, is that they’re removing the power of individual members [of Congress] and putting in a select three. But then again, when you study history and forms of government, that’s what Socialism is all about.”