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The President has spent a lot of time the past few months chalking up the economic “recovery,” but for most Americans it sounds like happy talk.

One of the reasons people are still hurting in the Obama economy is that for everyone but the highest wage earners, earnings are down. Meanwhile, inflation means that prices are going up. That means hardworking Americans have less money to spend on items like clothing, food, and housing that are getting more and more expensive.

The House or Representatives have made America’s priorities our priorities, which means when we return to session this September the economy and affordability will be our top priorities.

Besides the 40 jobs bills currently sitting in the Senate that will help grow the economy and support job creation, the House will also consider a series of energy bills to help bring down costs for everything from food to transportation. As Alejandro Alvarado, a restaurant cook in San Diego, recently told the New York Times, “When you save on a gallon of gas, it helps pay for the cellphone bill. It helps us buy school clothes and shoes for our four kids.”

Making sure energy is affordable and available is all part of House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton’s “Architecture of Abundance” plan, which ensures diversity in energy production and moves toward North American energy independence.

This plan is not only good for the economy, it also leaves more money in your wallet, which helps every American breathe a little easier.