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Thanksgiving is just less than two weeks away. As Americans start to shop for their holiday meal staples, they will face the brutal reality that this will be the most expensive Thanksgiving in the history of the holiday. This means that if families are fortunate enough to even find the items they need stocked on the shelves, they will face some of the highest prices we have seen in decades.

Here is a brief look on how price increases will impact the cost of the average Thanksgiving meal:

16 lb. Turkey: $39.84 – up 18.3% from last year
Dinner Rolls: $3.79 – up 4.8%
Bacon & Brussel Sprouts: $10.98, up 20.2%, 2.7% respectively
Deviled Eggs: $6.49, up 11.6%
Whole Chicken: $4.49, up 6.8%
Buttered Mashed Potatoes: $9.78, up 4.6%, 1.7% respectively
Pumpkin Pie: $5.99, up 4.1%

* Percentage increases based on recent stats released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor’s Consumer Price Index. Base prices sourced here

On average, this typical meal will cost families 15% more than it did just 12 months ago. This is devastating to countless low-and-middle class Americans, and those living on a fixed income, who will have to make difficult choices about what they can afford to continue family traditions and help make the holiday special.

Despite the flashing red warning signs that Americans need relief from the 31-year high inflation, Washington Democrats continue to ignore the concerns of real Americans. First they downplayed the reality of the looming historic inflation by saying it would be “transitory.” Then they said it would be “temporary.” Now President Biden and Speaker Pelosi want the American people to believe that if the government spends trillions more of taxpayer dollars that will fix inflation. They could not be more detached from reality.

Americans are tired of empty excuses and the failed policies of the Democrat Party. We must commit to finding solutions to the price crunch that is crushing so many families across the country.

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