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Here’s something everyone around the Thanksgiving table can agree on this year: prices are going up.

Now, House Democrats are planning to make this problem worse by passing a multi-trillion dollar liberal wish list this week.

With the holiday season right around the corner, inflation has surged to a 31-year high, the supply chain remains broken, and gasoline prices could rise even higher. In California, average gas prices recently reached an all-time high. It is even expected that this year’s Thanksgiving feast will be the most expensive on record.

What does this mean for American families around the country?

In Luzerne County, Pennsylvania costs are rising. As resident Mark Tomsuden put it, “Just about everything you can think of is just zipping right up there faster than you can keep track.”

Higher energy prices are impacting residents of Portland, Maine. Electricity bills in Maine are expected to rise by as much as 80 percent in January.

In Texas, consumers are warned that your Thanksgiving turkey will be more expensive — if there are any on store shelves at all.

In Baltimore, Maryland residents Travis Moffatt and his fiancée Britnie Walston are stocking up now for the holidays which they said is “rapidly due to the rising cost of groceries.”

In Concord Township, Ohio your Christmas tree will cost more this year. Ken Reeves, who owns Mountain Creek Tree Farm in Concord, Ohio explained, “The input costs, gasoline, fertilizer, all well up over 50 percent.”

In South Bend, Indiana food banks are feeling the effects of inflation and supply chain shortages. Deb Nicholson, a volunteer, said “I think it’s a real problem coming up. We’re seeing shortages now within the food bank.”

American families who are all too familiar with rising prices should know that President Biden has spent the past six months dismissing and downplaying the concerns of real people, without a plan to ease the burden on Americans’ wallets. Even now, he is actively working to make the situation worse: first he pushed a massive $2 trillion wasteful bill that boosted inflation, and this week Democrats are pushing trillions more in spending that will inevitably drive prices up even higher.

Make no mistake: The Biden administration and House Democrats’ reckless policies will make it harder for American families to get by, especially this holiday season.

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