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They weren’t supposed to win. Their candidacies and campaigns were cast aside. Written off by the polling and media class. Of course, the experts got it wrong — again. They got it wrong because what often consumes the minds of the beltway isn’t what working Americans are facing in their everyday lives. The new Republican members of Congress are a strong representation of who America is and where we come from.

Each member has a uniquely impressive background rich with experience and hard work — they’ve achieved success and have overcome hardships that have earned them a deep understanding of where Americans want our country to go.

The Republican freshmen are entrepreneurs, fishermen, hunters, dairy farmers, and immigrants.

The Republican freshmen are restaurant owners, grandparents, veterans, pharmacists, and they’ve fled socialist countries.

The Republican freshmen are West Point graduates, professional football players, motivational speakers, firefighters, and black belts.

The Republican freshmen are lawyers, single mothers, F-22 Raptor fighter pilots, physicians, and coaches.

The Republican freshmen are Naval cryptologists, sheriffs, cattle farmers, deacons, and newlyweds.

And today, they bring everything they learned in each of these roles to Congress as Republicans in the United States House of Representatives.

Together, we will always fight for America.