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In the highly partisan atmosphere in Washington, it’s always noteworthy when an issue brings both Democrats and Republicans together. Right now, nothing has created more bipartisanship than the Iran nuclear agreement.

From the House to the Senate and across the country, Democrats and Republicans are uniting against the Iran deal, recognizing that this package of concessions to Iran is unenforceable, will make the world less safe, and will increase terrorism.

  • Bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate oppose the deal.
  • The most likely future Democrat leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, opposes the deal.
  • Ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democrat Ben Cardin, opposes the deal.
  • A new Pew poll found that a mere 21 percent of American approve of the deal.
  • This is on top of the fact that only 2 percent—that’s right, 2 percent—of Americans have a “great deal of confidence” that Iran’s leaders will abide by the agreement.

This is the most united Americans have been on any single issue in recent memory. Yet President Obama is the only one who doesn’t seem to care.

In fact, President Obama has turned everything upside down. Traditionally, major and contentious foreign policy decisions like this have been submitted as a treaty in order to gain bipartisan support and unite the country to face the challenges ahead. But President Obama never wanted to unite the country behind him. He is working to get only the majority of the minority in one body of Congress to silence the opposition of the American people and shove this deal through despite the consequences.

Continuing despite such widespread opposition ensures that this deal will ultimately fail—maybe not now, but undoubtedly in the future.

President Obama may not want to see the writing on the wall. He might ignore the fact that this deal is a terrible deal that paves the way for a nuclear Iran—the exact thing that we have tried so hard for so long to prevent. But if he is so committed to making this mistake that he will ignore Congress and the millions of people calling him to stop, he will do so completely alone.

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