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Energy and the Environment

Conservatives will create a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment. Our solutions are based on the technological breakthroughs that have already placed the United States as the world leader in emissions reductions. What we won’t do is subject our country to the government mandates that litter climate conversations today. We know command and control has never worked — government mandates will always drive up energy costs and hurt the American worker while falling short of their obligatory targets.

Feb 23
Starting Line
The Starting Line

More than just moving oil

“The Keystone pipeline is about more than just moving oil. It’s about energy independence, it’s about national security, it’s about jobs.”

Feb 17
Starting Line
The Starting Line

What’s Up in Texas?

We touched base with Rick Perry, whose time as governor of the state and secretary of the Department of Energy would give us a better idea. 

Feb 15
American Leadership energy

On the road with Kevin

“As the Biden Administration doubles down on ignoring American workers, Leader McCarthy is hitting the road to listen to their stories and learn about solutions to protect hardworking families and…

Feb 9
Starting Line
The Starting Line


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