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Jobs and the Economy

The Jobs and Economy Task Force will put the American worker first and support the transformative ways in which jobs and careers are created in the 21st Century, supported by a robust free enterprise system focused on innovation and opportunity.  The Republican vision for America’s future is one that values independence, innovation, freedom, and integrity while prioritizing economic growth and equal opportunity for all.  The centralized, government-managed future that Democrats have put forward values meager gains and middling growth at the hands of a sprawling bureaucracy that is empowered to regulate each and every detail of our lives.  We reject that worldview, and the Jobs and Economy Task force will chart a different path towards a brighter, stable, and secure future.

Jan 19
News Conferences

Roundtable Recap: The Economy

With inflation at a 40-year high, the average American household spent $3,500 more in 2021 to receive the same goods and services as the year before.

Jan 11


Twelve months into the Biden presidency, and many Americans are now facing empty grocery store shelves they haven’t experienced since the onset of the pandemic.

One shopper in…