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You can tell a lot about the character of a nation based on how it treats its veterans. In service, our men and women in uniform gave America their all, and it is our duty to give them ours when they return home from duty. To ensure this promise to our nation’s veterans, I have supported numerous initiatives such as the Veteran’s Choice Act, the Mission Act, and increased funding for mental health and medical care for those who served. These actions and many others pave the way for a more accountable Veterans Administration that puts our heroes above bureaucracy.  

May 24

God Bless Our Fallen Heroes

Memorial Day is a day of reflection and appreciation. It is an opportunity for us to take a pause to praise the incredible sacrifices made by our service members who…

Nov 11

Thank you, Veterans

Today we offer sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the brave patriots whose military service keeps our country free.
At the end of the day, “service”…

Jul 11

Democrats Are Breaking Yet Another Shameful Record

WASHINGTON, D.C. – At his weekly press conference, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) expressed his continued frustration in the new Socialist Democrat majority for their failure to put…