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Washington, D.C. Today, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) responded to House Democrats’ rule change that would alter the Motion to Recommit (MTR), the minority’s last opportunity to influence legislation.

Leader McCarthy released the following statement:

“The Democrats just destroyed over 100 years of representation in Congress. Nancy Pelosi wants to silence YOUR voice and consolidate what little power she has left. Her time is limited. Because ultimately, she is not in control—the people are!”

You can learn more about the importance of MTRs here or read the excerpts below:

For over a century, the House of Representatives has always provided the minority party with one final chance to amend a bill before it is passed by the House, known as the Motion to Recommit (MTR). Nevertheless, Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Hoyer, and Rules Chairman McGovern are now prepared to invoke the nuclear option and effectively eliminate the only tool that has been safeguarded for the minority for centuries.

In so doing, they will be censoring the voices of duly elected representatives and the millions of constituents we represent  all in a sad attempt to protect their careers and hold onto their political power.

Here are a few fact checks to further demonstrate why the Democrats’ decision is so destructive to the institution of Congress moving forward.

CLAIM: Members of Congress have “just five minutes to read it.”

News outlet POLITICO recently reported on the Democrats’ deliberations to blow up the MTR. The report gave credence to a common excuse used to paint the MTR as an unserious or unimportant legislative procedure.

FACT CHECK: This is 100% false.

Given that the MTR is the final amendment to a bill, it follows that it must be offered last, after all other amendments have either been adopted or disposed of. But Clause 1(c) of Rule XIX grants the Speaker the ability to schedule the vote on an MTR that’s been debated whenever she chooses — be it an hour later or days later.

CLAIM: They “rarely succeed”

Some will argue that MTRs are no longer useful, as they rarely pass on the floor.

FACT CHECK: This is 100% false.

In the last two years, eight MTRs offered by Republicans were adopted by a majority vote of the House on a total of 78 rule bills. In other words, on over 10 percent of the bills brought forward by the Democrat majority, a bipartisan majority believed they needed to be improved in some way.

CLAIM: The MTR is a “Political stunt”

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has called the MTR a “political stunt.”

FACT CHECK: This is 100% false.

For example, the MTR on H.R. 2, the Democrats’ infrastructure bill, mirrored an amendment that was adopted in the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee 62-1. 62-1!