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Washington D.C. – Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23), joined by Ranking Members Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, and Doug Collins, spoke at a press conference today following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimonies on Capitol Hill.

Leader McCarthy’s highlights are below, or watch the full press conference here.

“Today was a historic day. It was a historic day because it was the day we closed the book on this investigation. It is time that America turns the page. It is time for America to move forward. The Democrats have to stop wasting time [in] trying to have a do-over of the 2016 presidential election. For more than two years, Democrats have obsessed over the Mueller investigation, going so far as falsely claiming they have evidence of collusion, which we found not to be true today.

“What we heard today only helped to reinforce the facts – that there was no collusion and no obstruction. It is well past the time to put this country first.  The Democrats are more focused on bringing down the president, than they are in building up America.

“We’ve gone nearly 200 days with this new Democrat Socialist majority – name me one thing that they have solved. We have a challenge on our border, we have [the United States-Mexico-Canada] trade agreement that could build more jobs and make America stronger and more prosperous – but they won’t bring [USMCA] up. We have a challenge in our health care when it comes to surprise billing for thousands of Americans. Again, [the Democrats are] only focused on the Mueller investigation. Today is the end of that chapter. Today is when we put politics aside and put people first. Let’s put this country first.”