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Washington D.C. – As part of Republicans’ larger legislative plan to create a cleaner, safer, healthier environment while also keeping the United States competitive on the world stage, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on H.R. 5685, the Securing American Leadership in Science and Technology Act, introduced by Rep. Frank Lucas (OK-03).

The Securing American Leadership in Science and Technology Act addresses two fundamental challenges to the United States’ competitiveness and growth as a nation: China’s intent to surpass the U.S. in the field of science and technology, and a changing climate. Congressman Lucas’ bill will double investment in basic research and fundamental science in order to support the American innovation that will discover the next breakthrough technologies. 

“Hydraulic fracturing is responsible for the greatest energy and environmental success story in our country’s history. It is also the result of American investment in basic research and fundamental science. 

“America leads the world in developing these cutting edge technologies, and an emphasis on basic research is responsible for getting us here. Basic research serves a national interest to enable the development of nascent technologies that hold great promise for the future, and provides the foundation for private enterprise to commercialize and export these technologies around the world. Doubling our investment in fundamental science is imperative to not only maintain our position, but to keep our competitive edge against countries like China, which is not only intent on surpassing the United States, but has invested the resources to do so. 

“Congressman Lucas’ legislation puts American leadership first while protecting American taxpayer dollars from failed government bets, like Solyndra. By investing in programs and institutions that serve as the building blocks to future breakthroughs, we will not only preserve our global leadership in science and technology, but will innovate next generation solutions that will create a cleaner, safer, healthier environment.”