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“I want to start off first by echoing a colleague of mine, Tom Cole, from earlier this morning: for years Congress has been preparing to reinforce our infectious disease readiness.” 

“…From the last five years, four of those we were in the Majority. We have increased [National Institutes of Health] funding by almost forty percent – averaging almost $2 billion a year preparing for what we see today on coronavirus. We created the infectious disease rapid response fund as well – it was an idea by Tom Cole – it took us two years but we were able to build it.”

“I do want to thank the president and give him credit, and his administration, having leaned in from day one – taking preemptive and decisive measures, including travel restriction and aggressive quarantines. This is something some people would criticize from the beginning, [but] when you look back in hindsight, it was the right decision at the right time.”

“I want to make sure everybody is working together…what happens in these situations, a lot has to happen on the state level, so governors need to be engaged in a greater level, they need to engage with us…I, being from California, have a great concern. The amount of homeless that we have in California is very concerning to me, on so many different levels. But with the fear of coronavirus coming…if it was to get into the homeless population – how do you quarantine inside a homeless population? What is Governor Gavin Newsom doing at this moment in time?…These are the preparations that I believe we need to be working on as well.”