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Critics of the Iran deal—Majority Leader McCarthy included—have long argued that sanctions relief offered to Iran would fall into the hands of terrorists who have killed Americans and threatened our allies. Secretary Kerry actually agrees, yet is still racing to implement the deal at a rapid pace.

“I think some of it [the sanctions relief] will end up in the hands of the IRGC [Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps] or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists,” Kerry said.

These groups are “labeled” terrorists for a reason. These entities include

  • Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organizations that explicitly seeks the destruction of Israel and which fires rockets at random toward innocent civilians
  • Hezbollah, which had conducted multiple terrorist attacks, including the 1983 attack against the U.S. in Beirut, hides behind civilians while building an arsenal against Israel, and also seeks the destruction of the Jewish state
  • The Houthis, who have thrown Yemen into chaos

So in return for a deal that allows Iran to get nuclear weapons in 10 to 15 years, President Obama is allowing Iran access to money to fund the exact type of terrorism that Americans have died to stop and that continues to drive instability in the Middle East. President Obama and Secretary Kerry have effectively opened up the bank for some of the worst terrorists in the world to pay for a deal that ensures exactly what a deal was originally meant to stop.

The Middle East is being reshaped in a way that threatens American interests and the security of our allies. Sanctions relief that funds terrorism only further empowers the Iran-Damascus-Moscow axis. This new power center cares nothing for regional stability or increased human rights, but works relentlessly to consolidate its own power and remove America’s tenuous hold on leadership. If you think the Middle East is bad now, just wait until Iran—allied with Moscow, strengthened by sanction relief, and supporting more terrorism—starts calling more of the shots.