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EL PASO, TEXASToday, Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) led a Congressional delegation of a dozen House Republican lawmakers to the Southern border in El Paso, Texas. After touring a migrant processing facility, speaking with Border Patrol agents, and surveying vulnerable areas of the border, Leader McCarthy held a news conference to share what needs to be done to end the Biden Border Crisis.

From day one, President Biden’s policies paved the way to the current crisis: he promised a pathway to citizenship for more than 11 million immigrants, placed a 100-day moratorium on deportations, rescinded Trump-era policies that controlled the flow of migrants, and he halted the construction of the border wall. The result: 

  • “Backlog of migrant children in Border Patrol custody soars to 4,200 – 3,000 are being held past the legal limit.”  
  • Texas migrant facility at 729% capacity
  • Number of migrants who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus after being released by the Border Patrol into Texas has nearly doubled

Not only did the Administration create the crisis, but now they are denying even acknowledging the situation. With the lack of leadership coming from the White House on the ongoing situation, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) led a Congressional Delegation to assess the situation firsthand. He was joined by 12 House Republicans, including Ranking Member on Homeland Security John Katko (NY-24). 

What they saw confirmed the chaos at the border has spiraled out of control.

“It’s more than a crisis, this is a human heartbreak,” said Leader McCarthy.

“The sad part about all of this is it didn’t have to happen. This crisis was created by the Presidential policies of this new Administration. There is no other way to call it than a Biden Border Crisis.”

The delegation toured an El Paso Processing Center, a facility that was built less than a year ago by the Trump Administration. It is a 98,000 sq. ft. facility equipped to handle up to 1,040 migrants at a time — more than the capacity they ever thought they would have to meet. Today this facility broke a record, and it is now beyond capacity.

The overcrowding, especially of migrant children, is also further eroding security at the border. “For all those children that are unaccompanied, and sitting in there, there’s 120 border patrol agents that are in [the facility], and not on the border protecting us when a surge is coming,” said McCarthy.

In the short term, the Administration’s mismanaged crisis at the border runs the risk of elongating the pandemic for our border communities, including risking our own citizens’ ability to return to work and kids’ return to school. During the tour, the members were briefed by a doctor working at the facility who told them more than 10 percent of the migrants held there were testing positive for Covid. 

And in the long term, Biden’s border crisis will hurt the wages and job opportunities for our own citizens, creating devastating economic consequences.

That is why Leader McCarthy requested a meeting with President Biden, and today also called on him to travel to the border so he could personally see the extent of the crisis. “I know the President’s going to travel this week. This is where he should bring Air Force One. This is where he should look people in the eye. This is where he should talk to the border agents, and let them know that this is beyond a crisis.”

We can no longer afford to let this humanitarian and national security crisis continue — we must secure our southern border now.