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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) met with Google CEO Sundar Pichai to discuss transparency and the power of social media.

SARA EISEN: Thank you we’re going to talk about health care in just a moment but first, Google CEO Sundar Pichai is getting a private audience right now with GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill today. You can see Kevin McCarthy, Majority Leader, who has come out with some statements that are critical of Google. Clearly Republicans are focused, David on, let’s listen.

KEVIN MCCARTHY: I know we had a discussion last week. He’s made a commitment to have that discussion that’s long overdue. The concerns that we have about what’s going on with transparency in the power of social media today, there’s a lot of concerns here in the House and in the Senate. You’ve made a commitment one, you wanted to, because we couldn’t have a hearing this week, to talk to members and we appreciate that, to answer some of our questions. And also committed as we come back to have a hearing inside Judiciary so we thank you for that, because there’s a lot of questions we want to get answered. And so, if you want to say a few words..

SUNDAR PICHAI: Well first of all thank you, Leader McCarthy, for organizing this, and thank you to all of you for taking the time. I appreciate getting a chance to be here. I look forward to explaining what we can do better and have a productive discussion. Thank you.

MCCARTHY: As we look at social media, the two-thirds of all adults get their news from that. Ninety percent of every search goes through Google. I think it’s important to continue these discussions and we appreciate you being here. Thank you guys.

EISEN: That was Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, sitting next to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Our Ylan Mui is following this in DC. Quite different optics than that empty Google chair during the hearing of Sandberg and Dorsey last time they faced lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Ylan?

YLAN MUI: That’s right. Perhaps the Google CEO there trying to make some amends. Kevin McCarthy, you have to remember, does represent a district in the state of California. He is someone who has been critical of Google for months now, even once accusing Google of purposely putting some comments under the ideologies for California Republican Party, said that when you pulled up a search for the California Republican Party, underneath the ideologies, it included Nazism. And that really became was one of the clarion calls for McCarthy as he went on this mission to, quote, stop the bias that has become one of the rallying cries for conservatives, and one of the reasons they have been so eager to have these social media CEO’s here on the Hill.