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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at a leadership press conference today on major legislation the House will pass this week to help rebuild our military, reform broken banking regulations, and give terminally ill patients increased access to potentially life-saving treatments.

Excerpts are below, or watch online here.

On rebuilding our military and reforming the Pentagon:

“On the floor this week…we have two bills that are going to the President and become direct law. This is a very big week for America and a very big week for the House of Representatives. We’re going to start with passing the National Defense Authorization Act. As been said the NDAA includes the largest pay raise in almost a decade and starts rebuilding our military. We’ve watched military spending decline more than 20 percent and the world has not gotten 20 percent safer. More men and women are dying in training than in combat–we have to reverse that. And this is the beginning of doing just that.”

On major prison reform legislation:

“Representative Doug Collins prison reform bill is a bipartisan bill that will give individuals the skills they need when they come out of prison–to reenter not just the workforce but society after they paid their debt. This is something that many in Congress have been working on for years.

On the importance of giving patients the ‘Right to Try’:

“We also have the opportunity to pass ‘Right to Try’ directly to the President. I think a lot of people know this bill and the story of Jordan McLinn, a young kid with muscular dystrophy…. Think for a moment how many times somebody you know has some life ending disease. If they just had another opportunity for a trial–to be able to have another treatment option. A lot of times it becomes a breakthrough and it saves a life. We want to give people that opportunity and that’s exactly what we’re going to do this week by sending it to the President’s desk. This is something that the President asked for in the State of the Union–he’s worked very hard on…so this is a very big success.”

On reforming Dodd-Frank to provide relief for community banks and smaller financial institutions:

“We have watched capital dry up in a lot of different places after the passage of Dodd-Frank…. We’re going to move this Senate bill directly to the President’s desk to ensure these reforms help the economy to grow further by making community banks stronger. This is going to free up a great deal of capital and this will help a lot…. We are committed to continue to grow this economy–we continue to make America stronger. This week is a prime example of that.”