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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy joined Brian Kilmeade on The Brian Kilmeade Show on Fox News Radio.

Excerpts are below, or listen online here. 

On what is happening in California:
“Here we are in the federal government: we reduced taxes. We’ve got the economy growing, at 4.1%, a place no one thought we could be. We got unemployment at some of the ultimate lowest levels. We’re now in such a stronger position, and contrasting what Sacrament is doing: Raising your gasoline tax, they’re telling you at the DMV not even to go there because they can’t handle the lines. And the Democrats in Sacramento won’t even audit the DMV, they vote not to know what the problem is. I was just showing the contrast of how do you move the country in the right direction and then the opposite direction. Remember, California elected Ronald Reagan as governor…it was the Golden State.”

On the Democrats’ goals:
“They will abolish ICE. They want to impeach this president. When they say they don’t, they voted on it twice on the floor. Tom Steyer from California has spent $30 million. He brags that he has a larger list than the NRA. This is what their goal is.”

On the midterm elections:
“You know history is against us in this election. History says the party in power, the party that wins the White House on average in that first election loses 32 seats. Twenty-three seat is our majority…We’re going to go everywhere. We’re going to fight for this majority, we’re going to protect this majority. Because the next century is ours. Think of the fundamental difference. I believe in the exceptionalism of America. Cuomo believes America was never great. That is not who we are. We are better than this and we have proven it and it’s worth fighting for.