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Washington D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spent time in El Paso, TX, with the brave men and women serving our country as Border Patrol agents. He received a tour of the U.S.–Mexico border and was given an update on the progress being made to protect our border.

Leader McCarthy released the following statement about his trip:

“Yesterday I toured the U.S.-Mexico border and talked to the Customs and Border Protection agents who defend it.

“The Border Patrol agents I met are proud of the work they do. The El Paso sector where they work was the first to be patrolled by CBP—it is where the legend of their agency began, with guards on horseback patrolling the border.

“The 2,400 agents who defend this 268-mile stretch of border have a dangerous job. They make more than 150 arrests a day in the fight against drug smuggling, human trafficking, and violent gangs.

“I came away from this meeting awed by the magnitude of the border and the bravery of the officers who patrol it.

“I also came away with greater conviction of the need to support these officers by giving them the resources they need: More agents, technology, and most importantly the Wall.

“You can read more about my bill to fully fund the Wall here.”

NOTE: Last year alone, Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 300,000 people along the southern border—that’s 97% of the agency’s total apprehensions. They interdicted 857,888 pounds of marijuana and 6,174 pounds of cocaine that were headed for our communities. They rescued 3,221 people and reported 294 deaths.

Below are some photos of Leader McCarthy’s visit: