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Editor’s note: The past two weeks have been difficult for the country. As we get back to the 117th Congress in earnest, we look forward to continuing to share our thoughts on issues that matter to the American people.

A top priority for Americans has and always will be securing a good job. This makes the news from the long weekend that President-elect Biden plans to use an executive order in his first days in office to revoke the Keystone XL pipeline permit a step backward in creating good, blue-collar jobs in America. 

The impending decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline permit will come as the project pours almost two billion dollars into reshaping itself to avoid this very situation: it will be operated by solar, wind, and battery power, and eliminate all its own greenhouse-gas emissions from operation by 2030. Plus, TC Energy, its owner, pledged to hire a union workforce to finish construction, and made a deal last year with several indigenous tribes for nearly $800 million ownership stake.

We’re all familiar with the decades-long financial, political, ethical saga of this Keystone pipeline project, and so our point here isn’t just to support something a Democrat administration opposes. 

Technology and innovation have evolved and progressed since this project was first proposed back in 2008, and even still since it was approved by the Senate in 2015. This is exactly the type of infrastructure project we should be welcoming — good paying jobs creating work that will reduce our dependence on overseas oil while benefiting our environment. We have to end this government-blocked innovation cycle. 

If we don’t allow technology and innovation to solve our problems, how will we ever build anything meaningful again?