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House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (CA-23) speech as prepared below.

“We are minutes away from voting on a 2,145 page, $5 trillion bill.

“A bill that the White House Chief of Staff recently bragged is ‘twice as big, in real dollars, as the New Deal was.’

“Let that sink in.

“Two thousand pages!

“5 trillion dollars!

“Twice as big, in real dollars, as the New Deal was.

“Let me be clear: never in American history has so much been spent at one time. Never in American history will so many taxes be raised and so much borrowing be needed to pay for all this reckless spending.

“Every page of all this new Washington spending will be paid for by or borrowed from you: America’s hardworking taxpayers.

“Every page of all this new Washington spending supports more waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption.

“And every page of all this new Washington spending shows just how irresponsible and out of touch the Democrats are to the challenges Americans are facing.

“Nowhere in the 2,000 pages and 5 trillion dollars in spending are measures for more efficiency, better results, and genuine accountability.

“This is the single most reckless and irresponsible spending bill in our nation’s history.

“Some of its effects will be felt quickly, others not for a few years. But I guarantee you that, no matter the time frame, all the new Washington spending in this bill is only the beginning of the disaster being thrust upon us.

“This year, Washington has reached the highest level of sustained federal spending since World War II.

“It took four years and $4.1 trillion to win World War II. In dollar terms, it was the most expensive war in history.

“By contrast, in the fiscal year we just finished, Washington spent $6.8 trillion.

“And that’s on top of the trillions of dollars Congress spent the year before in the heart of the pandemic to offer relief to struggling Americans.

“Today — House Democrats want to pass more wasteful, unnecessary spending by Washington.

“The American people obviously know this bill won’t cost ‘zero dollars’. We know it means more crushing debt — for 330 million Americans and generations to come.

“The Democrats are showing once again that they are not focused on the financial health and wellbeing of our citizens or our economy.

“Instead, Democrats are focused on themselves, their lobbyists, and their special interest groups.

“If I sound angry, I am. My constituents are angry. It’s clear to us that this bill is wrong on the merits. And they have responded with a single word: Enough!

“Enough with Washington waste, Washington fraud, Washington abuse and Washington corruption.

“Enough with higher taxes and higher prices and higher borrowing.


“Today, millions of Americans are struggling with higher energy costs, higher grocery prices, and higher crime.

“This isn’t politics, as the Democrats claim.  This is real life. This is America in 2021.

“When our country doesn’t have the resources or won’t commit them to fund the basic needs of our citizens — like basic human security — nothing else matters.

“And yet at this very moment, the Democrats are preparing to go on yet another unnecessary spending binge.

“Then, in a couple of weeks, they will have the audacity to ask Congress to raise the debt limit to borrow more on this overspending.

“My colleagues on the other side often say that what America borrows and spends doesn’t matter — that the lessons of history don’t apply here.

“Those Democrats are wrong — plain and simple.

“Spending your money that we do not have on programs you do not want is not the solution. In fact, it’s the problem with Washington — and it’s getting worse every single day.

So many Democrats refuse to fund our police. So many Democrats refuse to fund genuine security at our borders. They only want to spend your tax dollars on programs that benefit them politically.

“As the leader of the Republicans in the House, I say on behalf of the tens of millions of citizens we proudly represent … Enough!

“My principle is simple: don’t spend what you don’t have and certainly on what you don’t want and need.

“And my fellow Americans, we don’t have trillions of dollars to spend on programs that would never go away.

“The American people understand what this out of control spending will do. They understand it because they live their own lives responsibly, because they set priorities and because they live within their means.

“If they do it every day — why can’t Washington?

“Why can’t Washington ever say no?

“But make no mistake: overspending is just the start of how this bill is so completely out of touch with the needs of our people.

“Its destructive policies should also alarm every American.

“In my remarks, I will go through each of these provisions in more detail. But first, let me tell you why I oppose this bill:

  • It would crush American industries
  • It would destroy countless American jobs
  • It would take control away from individual Americans and centralize power with bureaucrats in Washington
  • It would pave a glide-path for China while placing a devastating weight on American companies
  • It would hammer American workers and American families with bruising inflation
  • And it would infringe on our fundamental American rights and liberties

“Here are some of its worst provisions:

“First — this bill massively raises prices on all products made and manufactured in the United States — placing a massive burden on American workers and consumers at the very moment we are under attack by the Chinese Communist Party and the companies they support.

“This Made in America Tax will send our jobs overseas, send the rest of our supply chains to China, and make us dependent on foreign producers, foreign countries, and foreign dictators.

“And every single American will pay for it every single day in every single purchase made.

“Americans don’t want to punish American employers and American job creators – but that’s exactly what will happen.

“That alone is reason enough to defeat the bill.

“Second — this bill provides amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants and visa overstays.

“It provides this massive grant of amnesty in the middle of the worst border crisis our country has ever seen — indeed, the worst border crisis in recorded history period.

“And many of the same Democrats who support amnesty also support giving illegal immigrant families nearly half a million dollars each. If they’re successful, a billion dollars of your taxes will be given to illegal immigrants.

“This is outrageous. By comparison — if an American service member is killed defending this country, his or her family gets less than a $400,000 insurance payment.

“That alone is reason enough to defeat the bill.

“Third — this bill spends billions of dollars to hire 87,000 new IRS agents to spy on any American who spends as little as $28 a day.

“It will double the size of the most intrusive bureaucracy in the federal government and lead to 1.2 million additional audits.

“Nearly half of the new IRS audits will directly affect families who earn $75,000 or less. And about one quarter will earn $25,000 a year.

“Make no mistake, under this provision,  every American is a target. In the eyes of the IRS, you’re guilty until proven innocent.

“That alone is reason enough to defeat the bill.

“Fourth — This bill imposes a tax to heat your home and puts American gas prices in the hands of OPEC — at a time when energy prices are at their highest in over a decade.

“In other words — every moment you heat your home in the winter or cool it in the summer, you will pay more. And every time you start your car, you will pay more.

“That alone is reason enough to defeat the bill.

“Fifth — This bill will make the labor crisis worse by fundamentally transforming the child tax credit into welfare without any work requirement — placing small business owners into direct competition with the federal government’s unlimited printing press.

“That alone is reason enough to defeat the bill.

“Sixth — this bill abandons the longstanding, bipartisan Hyde Amendment — allowing for taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand and violating the rights of conscience of millions of Americans.

“That alone is reason enough to defeat the bill.

“And seventh — this bill dictates our children’s education standards — giving Washington the final say in what our children learn. Parents should make that decision, not government bureaucrats.

“This nationalized, Washington-centered education will take away parents’ choice and local control for parents across the country instead of supporting and empowering them.

“Remember when Terry McAuliffe said parents shouldn’t have a say in what their kids learn? This takes it a giant leap further by putting the Federal Government in full control of early education.

“That alone is reason enough to defeat the bill.

“From bank surveillance to bailouts, this bill takes the problems President Biden and Democrats have already created and makes them much, much worse.

“It’s no secret that this bill is too extreme, too costly, and too liberal for the United States.

“My colleagues here in the House and in the Senate know it. And staunch liberals in the press know it.

“Just a few weeks ago, Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger said — ‘Nobody elected [Joe Biden] to be F.D.R.’

“Senator Manchin echoed that sentiment:

‘This is not a center-left or a left country. We are a center — if anything, a little center-right country. That’s being shown, and we ought to be able to recognize that.’

“The New York Times Editorial Board went even further. In a blistering editorial, it said:

‘The [Democrat] party has become distracted from crucial issues like the economy, inflation, ending the coronavirus pandemic and restoring normalcy in schools.’

“The Times went on to describe this bill not as a solution, but as part of a ‘sharp leftward push in the party’ — which, as they point out, most Americans don’t need or want.

“But despite these overwhelming warnings from moderates in their party, from liberals in the press, and from the American people at the polls — House Democrats are plugging their ears.

“The Democrats aren’t just ignoring what’s going on. It’s worse: they aren’t even pretending to listen.

“Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what Congresswoman Spanberger said recently:

‘We’re not willing to say, ‘Yeah, inflation is a problem, and supply chain is a problem, and we don’t have enough workers in our work force. We gloss over that.’

“Clearly, the challenges Americans are waking up to every day are not a concern for the Democrats.

“And that is the fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans.

“House Democrats are focused on securing the Speaker’s legacy; House Republicans are focused on solving the labor crisis.

“House Democrats are focused on mandates; House Republicans are focused on more freedom.

“House Democrats are focused on so-called ‘equity’; House Republicans are focused on quality education.

“House Democrats are focused on payoffs for illegal immigrants; House Republicans are focused on protecting the border.

“And House Democrats are focused on the Green New Deal; House Republicans are focused on lowering gas prices.

“When you look at those differences, it’s no wonder the American people want new leadership.

“The Democrats have no clue about the damage they’ve done to America.

“But if the Democrats won’t listen to our fellow citizens — they’ll have to listen here.

“Before I describe in greater detail the contents of this bill — let’s take a step back and understand how we got into this mess.

“When President Biden walked into the Oval Office on January 20th 2021 he was handed every single ingredient he needed for unprecedented success. All he had to do was nothing.

“Just think about where we’d be today if he had done nothing.

“Our economy would be booming.

“Our supply chains would be intact.

“Our nation would be energy independent.

“Our children would be free from burdensome mandates.

“Our borders would be completely secure.

“Our dollar would be sound — no inflation.

“Our enemies would be on notice — not on the advance.

“But what happened instead? The last 10 months have been the most radical, the most extreme, and the most incompetent 10 months in American history.

“From their first day in office, the Biden administration has waged war on American workers, American values, American borders, American energy, and American families. We have never seen anything like it before.

“Biden terminated every successful immigration policy put into place by President Trump — triggering the largest wave of illegal immigration in all of history.

“Biden shut down the production of American energy, and closed down American pipelines — surrendering the energy independence achieved during the Trump Administration and making us reliant on foreign producers once again. He is literally begging OPEC to produce the energy that we could easily produce right here on our own shores.

“Biden spent trillions of dollars on leftwing social engineering and printed money we didn’t have for projects we didn’t need — leading to massive runaway inflation.

“Biden launched a campaign to dramatically raise taxes and regulations on our workers and manufacturers — destroying the amazing record of economic growth and job creation he inherited.

“Biden paid workers not to work and fired workers who were working because they wouldn’t comply with his COVID mandates — leading to a massive supply chain and labor crisis. This supply chain crisis was dramatically worsened by a return to the failed tax, regulatory, trade and foreign policies of the past.

“And Biden used the FBI to target parents as ‘domestic terrorists’ — without any evidence — aiming to silence their First Amendment rights. A Whistleblower has confirmed it.

“The President’s rhetoric is dividing and inflaming us — rather than uniting us like he promised he’d do.

“And when his administration missteps — and it does often — Biden blames the military, our allies, the Vice President, Congress, ordinary Americans… anyone but himself.

“That’s not what leaders do.

“Leaders take responsibility and then take action.

“As elected leaders, it’s our job to take action that makes life better for all Americans — which is badly needed today.

“But President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress failed at this basic duty.

“Let’s look at how.

“President Biden has defaulted to a failed economic agenda of the past. This administration is plainly incompetent and is growing the government at the American people’s expense.

“Americans are paying more for things they need today than they can afford.

“The latest CPI report is stunning news.

“Consumer prices soared 6.2 percent in the last year and almost 1 percent in October alone. It’s the fastest pace in 30 years.

“Last week’s inflation results undercut the idea that inflation is temporary or transitory. If you look under the hood, the numbers suggest that higher prices are not only being passed onto consumers, they’re becoming the new normal.

“Even the politicians responsible for inflation now concede Americans will continue to live with it for at least another year.

“Make no mistake: inflation is becoming implanted in our economy. Too much money is chasing too few goods.

“Americans are also witnessing shortages and supply chain problems too. Again, put politics aside and look at the numbers. They are jaw dropping.

“Americans are paying $20 or $30 more on groceries per week. This Thanksgiving — a time Americans gather together with family and friends — is going to be the most expensive on record.

“Americans are paying more for gasoline — the highest price in seven years — to get to and from work, drive their kids to school, or bring their elderly parents to doctor’s appointments.

“Americans are paying more for the materials their businesses need to operate — which means higher prices for consumers and less opportunity for wage increases.

“Inflation is robbing families of the future they deserve. Americans are bracing for higher costs to come. They realize our economic future is grim under Joe Biden.

“The Biden administration has proven themselves untrustworthy when it comes to handling the economy. He pursues counterproductive policies and does not keep the promises he makes.

“As a candidate, Biden pledged, ‘nobody making under $400,000 bucks would have their taxes raised, period, bingo.’

“Then, on the eve of the election, he promised those making less than $400,000 wouldn’t pay ‘a penny more.’

“And as President, he said, ‘I give you my word… if you make under $400,000 a year, I’ll never raise your taxes one cent.’

“Each of these statements claim to have no exceptions, no qualifications, and no conditions.

“But here we are, just 40 weeks later, and the President has already broken these promises to the American people. He has broken them because inflation is a tax on every American.

“President Trump and Congressional Republicans took a better path. We cut taxes and left Americans with more of their hard-earned money in their pockets. It led to the best economy in 50 years.

“When taxes go up, through inflation or otherwise, Americans have less for utilities, prescriptions, and other things they need.

“And as prices continue to soar, the inflation tax is hitting hard-working middle class families the hardest.

“But here’s the dirty secret — most Democrats who vote for these policies won’t be affected by the inflation tax. But seniors, working families, and those living paycheck to paycheck have been, and will continue to be.

“Through no fault of their own — good, hard-working Americans are being hurt by their own government. That’s just wrong.

“What is the White House and the liberal media’s response? Telling Americans to just accept it. Lecturing us to be more like Europe. Saying we should lower expectations.

“Lower expectations? Is that what it means to be an American?

“No! This is the nation that conquered the wilderness, sent a man to the moon, and developed a life-saving vaccine to Covid-19 in less than a year. Americans don’t lower expectations, we rise to the occasion.

“Another area where President Biden and Democrats in Congress are failing is the energy crisis.

“The American people want to afford gasoline, afford to heat their homes, and enjoy the upcoming holidays together. They don’t need their government spending billions of dollars to subsidize car chargers and parks for the wealthiest people in the country.

“Especially not as they are watching their own bank accounts drain and as they struggle to keep their businesses afloat or family budgets in order.

“Over the last nine months, families have watched energy prices rise dramatically.

“West Texas Intermediate has doubled since President Biden took office and a gallon at the pump costs 60 percent more.

“What does that mean in everyday life?

“It means that when families fill up at the gas station, they’re seeing the highest price of a gallon of gas in 7 years — the last time Joe Biden was in the White House.

“It means that, from the factories making new products to the trucks that transport them to the retail stores that sell them — every part of the supply chain is paying more for energy.

“In every state in America, the average price of a gallon of gas is now over three dollars for the first time in years. In my home state of California, the average price is over $4.50 and in some parts it’s as high as $7.

“The pain is being felt beyond the pump too. When families turn on the lights or heat their home this winter, the expected price of heat will be 54% higher.

“The energy crisis we face today is devastating for working families. Every dollar spent on gasoline is a dollar that isn’t spent on groceries or other essential goods.

“And yet the reaction from the administration who kneecapped oil and natural gas production by cancelling new pipelines and freezing new leases is laughter.

“When asked if the United States would increase energy production, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm told CNBC, ‘That’s hilarious.’

“Go watch the video for yourself. In just a few seconds, it perfectly captures the Biden Administration’s incompetence and contempt for the American people.

“There’s nothing funny about the President of the United States begging OPEC and Russia to bail us out.

“It also isn’t funny for Californians like Scott Daniel, who runs Young’s Commercial Transfers in Porterville.

“Scott told me that higher gas prices are making it hard to stay in business:

‘My company alone will burn around 3 million gallons of fuel this year. And with fuel as expensive as it is right now, that adds millions of dollars to our bottom line, which makes it really hard to stay in business and keep this going. More importantly… it’s immediately going to hit all of your food at the grocery store.’

“The President talks about a world where every nation plays by the same rules, but when it comes to global elites, he makes sure the rules he applies to us don’t apply to them.

“That’s how socialism works — by the way. Those who run society get ahead while those who make society run are pushed back.

“Republicans know there is a better path.

“Instead of wasting the energy potential in this country, we want to unleash it.

“Instead of killing good-paying jobs, we want to create them.

“Instead of cancelling the Keystone Pipeline, we want to complete it.

“Republicans will make America energy independent again through innovation so working families have affordable, abundant energy.

“I just mentioned Scott Daniel, the owner of a commercial transportation company who talked about how higher prices are hurting his ability to do business and deliver goods. But that’s not the only way Democrat policies are making it harder for businesses to survive. Another is the labor shortage.

“Walk down any Main Street or city avenue in America and I guarantee there will be help wanted signs.

“Ask a waiter how many shifts he or she does a week and I bet they are covering for someone else because they’re short staffed.

“Ask if they’ve had to take anything off the menu because the restaurant can’t afford or find it anymore. I bet they have.

“This is what our small businesses are dealing with.

“As a former small-business owner, I know these conditions aren’t sustainable. And if Democrats just cared to listen, they’d know that too.

“Instead, the Democrats’ idea of an economic plan is to punish citizens who are producing for our country and working to support their families — while rewarding themselves and others for staying home.

“Americans don’t deserve to bear the brunt of policies pushed by people in Washington who will never feel the effects of them and who will receive a solid paycheck each month — no matter what.

“You know, Joe Biden’s presidency has often been compared to Jimmy Carter’s presidency. He’s proven that comparison wrong every step of the way. That comparison now is unfair to Jimmy Carter.

“While the Democrats’ action on our economy — such as anti-work welfare programs and massive unneeded stimulus — has left Americans worse off — it’s their inaction along the Southern Border that has left our country less safe.

“There have been nearly 1.7 million illegal border encounters at our southern border since Joe Biden became president — and border czar Kamala Harris still has no plan to support our Border Patrol.

“To put this in perspective — there have been more illegal border crossings between the months of February and October under Joe Biden than in 2018, 2019, and 2020 combined within the same time period.

“Let that sink in.

“What’s the Biden administration’s reaction? Considering paying illegal immigrants $450,000 per family — an action that President Biden admits would ‘incentivize more people to come over illegally.’

“That’s more than some of the 9/11 victims received. It’s more than the next of kin receives in insurance if an American service member is killed.

“Let that sink in!

“The payments for illegal immigrants is just the latest data point in a much larger trend of failures at the border.

“Cheered on by left-wing activists — President Biden and Vice President Harris have presided over the greatest series of border security blunders in American history.

“They failed to stop record amounts of the deadly narcotic fentanyl from crossing the border — fueling an already devastating overdose epidemic across the nation.

“They’ve handed the border over to the cartels — unleashing these monsters onto our people.

“And they’ve compromised our national security.

“Here is what National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told us:

‘This administration says it is just Central American countries, but in just one week in the Yuma, Arizona sector we’ve seen people illegally enter from countries like Egypt, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Haiti, Niger, Portugal, and Uzbekistan… there is no better time for them to come into our country than now.’

“Unlike the President and Vice President, I have listened to the Mayors, Sheriffs, and Border Patrol members along the border who bear the brunt of dangerous policies like these, while the Democrats act like there’s nothing going on.

“Ulvalde , Texas Mayor Don McLaughlin told us a few months ago nearby cities are expected to see an inflow of migrants much larger than the size of the towns themselves.

“He says: ‘We’re not equipped in our area to handle this. Our resources are strapped as it is because of the pandemic’

“The Mayor said his town will try to quarantine covid positive migrants in hotels, but when they come back to check on them or bring them food, some of the migrants are gone.

“Aside from the health risks, these circumstances create physical risks for innocent bystanders. There aren’t enough officers or agents to handle the intake and regular patrol, so the issues are spilling out into the streets.

“Mayor McLaughlin said they’d have about 2-3 car chases a week back in 2019, then none for a few weeks. Now, it’s every day — roughly 10-12 high speed car chases per week.

“He says: ‘It’s escalating. We’ve had houses broken into, we’ve had to put our schools on lockdown because they’re armed out in town near the schools. When that happens, then we have to pull all of our officers out on a manhunt.’

“He told us recently that just last spring they had to put schools on lockdown 48 times.

“Let that sink in. Our children’s education and lives are being interrupted nearly 50 times in just a few months.

“In America.

“When personnel and resources are pulled from one area to another along our border communities, it leaves families like Russell Johnson’s in danger.

“Russell lives on a ranch with his family in New Mexico just miles from the border. It’s remote and gets little service — making it a prime place to illegally enter the country.

“Russell says: ‘With the way things are right now, we don’t let our kids play outside by themselves. There’s no telling who they might encounter while they’re out there.’

“Just think for a moment that in America, children can’t play outside on their own property for fear of their safety from cartels and traffickers.

“These are the real effects that Democrats’ out-of-touch policies are having on Americans.

“Not only do communities at the border deserve protection, the selfless men and women of our Border Patrol deserve more support to do their jobs.

“U.S. Border Patrol members from the Southwest division of the border alone saved 4,920 lives in FY 2019; 5,071 lives in FY20, 12,833 lives in FY21, and 836 in FY22 so far.

“But all they got in return is laughter from Kamala Harris and ridicule from Democrats in Congress.

“Speaking of the safety and security of earnest, hard-working Americans being ignored by Democrat politicians — let’s talk about law enforcement.

“At a time when violent crime is spiking nationally, cities under Democrat rule have or are seeking to defund their police departments. Another move lacking commonsense, logic, and leadership.

“In Los Angeles, the LAPD budget is set to be cut by $150 million — a decision triggered by widespread protests.

“In Austin, the city council voted to cut up to $150 million from its police department.

“In Baltimore, the City Council eliminated $22 million from the police budget.

“New York City wants to take $1 billion from the police budget. And here’s the kicker — many Democrats don’t think that goes far enough.

“These efforts to defund the police send a dangerous message that public safety is not a priority in Democrat-run cities.

“Worse, these attacks on law enforcement demoralize officers and dismantle police departments. Retirements are surging; recruitment is sinking.

“President Biden and Democrat leaders in Congress could send a message to local officials that lawlessness is unacceptable.

“Instead, they are enabling it.

“The Biden Justice Department dropped nearly half of the cases against rioters in Portland. These cases ranged from civil disorder to assaulting federal officers.

“Biden also supports a bill passed by House Democrats which would cost police departments hundreds of millions of dollars.

“The American people want safer streets. They want law and order. Is it any surprise they’ve overwhelmingly rejected defunding the police when it’s on the ballot?

“Look at the results just this month.

“In the liberal enclave of Seattle — former home of the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone — voters elected a Republican as city attorney over a self-described police ‘abolitionist.’

“In Minneapolis — where violent crime has surged over the past year — voters resoundingly rejected a ballot initiative to defund the police.

“These results give me enormous hope. It’s clear to most Americans that defunding the police is wrong.

“The American public is getting this issue right, despite the Democrats’ best efforts.

“While our inflation rises, chaos engulfs our southern border, and crime overruns our cities, Xi Jinping is watching us and laughing.

“China has stolen American technology for years and is using it to develop threats against us.

“Just this August, we were reminded of the seriousness of the China threat after Beijing launched an advanced, hypersonic missile into orbit.

“Hypersonics are unpredictable, fast, and nuclear-capable. If deployed correctly, they could beat our missile defenses.

“General Milley described the launch as a near-Sputnik moment.

“When Russia launched Sputnik, the United States responded with a sense of urgency and show of industrial force.

“But today, the Biden Administration has responded with weakness, not strength. They actually said that “stiff competition” between China and America is “welcome.”

“And how is that competition going?

“For the Chinese Communist Party, it’s not much of a fight.

“Aside from hypersonics, the Pentagon is estimating China could have 1000 nuclear warheads by the end of the decade. And last year, they built 38 gigawatts of coal power plants. That’s one large coal plant every week.

“Meanwhile, President Biden is acting like there’s no competition at all.

“To name a few important issues Biden has folded on, he bailed out Huawei and refuses to investigate the origins of the coronavirus or hold China accountable for its actions.

“Republicans are offering a better approach.

“Instead of cooperating with China from a position of weakness, we need to compete from a position of strength.

“That means strengthening our military, rebuilding our economy, and regaining our position of leadership in the world.

“It also means delivering truth and accountability when it comes to the coronavirus.

“Let’s be clear — we don’t seek conflict with China. But we will not get trapped by the failed appeasement of the current administration.

“We want to defend the interests of America — not defer to an evil, totalitarian dictatorship.

“We will pursue these goals with bipartisan spirit — which is why I’ve offered to create a bipartisan China Task Force in the past.

“But we will not lose sight of the ultimate goal. We will not allow America to fall further behind, like the Biden Administration has.

“In a sense, falling further behind has been the theme of Joe Biden’s presidency in its first ten months.

“As leaders, it is our responsibility to understand the position and condition our country is in.

“When it’s not providing Americans the opportunities to meet their daily needs — we must fix it.

“But that’s not what President Biden has done for the last ten months.

“And it’s not what Democrats have done with this bill.

“The American people sent Washington, D.C. an unmistakable message on election day earlier this month: our country has drifted too far to the left.

“That message was driven by intense disapproval of Democrats’ radical policies.

“Absolute chaos on the Southern Border.

“Out of control crime.

“Record breaking gas prices and inflation.

“A broken supply chain.

“A failing education system.

“And of course, the surrender in Afghanistan.

“This isn’t an image of a thriving nation. It’s the image of a country that is clearly on the wrong track.

“Are we better off today than we were ten months ago? No.

“Which is why the voters who could vote earlier this month overwhelmingly voted to send Democrats a message: stop.

“Stop overspending.

“Stop the war on working families.

“And stop giving those who run our country more control over the lives of those who make our country run.

“The elections on November 2nd this year in Virginia, New Jersey, and across the country should have been a wakeup call for Washington Democrats.

“But Washington Democrats obviously weren’t listening to the American people.

“Instead — in a desperate attempt to save face and appease their extremist, leftwing base — Speaker Pelosi has crammed even more radical policies into a partisan bill that costs trillions of dollars we don’t have, for government-run programs that nobody wants — not even Democrat voters.

“What the Democrats are proposing is out of touch in the extreme. What we have before us isn’t a social spending bill. It’s a pathway to socialism.

“It doesn’t work now — and it won’t work in the future. In fact, as I said earlier, it will make the problems we face as a nation much, much worse.

“Here’s how.

“Consider the energy crisis Americans are facing today: high gas prices and budget-breaking heating costs.

“Instead of relying on American energy to increase production and lower costs, the answer from Democrats seems to be to beg OPEC to produce more, gather wood for the fireplace, and put on a sweater.

“Winter is coming. And this bill will make our energy crisis worse.

“Consider the Heat Your Home Tax that Democrats have included in this bill.

“By imposing a fee on methane gas, this bill will penalize the very resource that helps produce the electricity that keeps the lights on and heat running.

“The effect of this Heat Your Home Tax would increase families’ heating bills by as much as $242 per year and as many as 90,000 jobs could be lost as a result.

“But do you know what it won’t do? Reduce global temperatures by one degree.

“$242 might not seem like a lot of money for the liberal elites who will be rewarded by this bill. But for hard-working Americans — this stings.

“And it especially hurts our seniors.

“Listen to what Claudette Duff, President and CEO of Integrity Senior Services, told us about the implications:

‘I am concerned that vulnerable seniors are not being considered. While I believe we must battle climate change, I am also painfully aware that most seniors have little financial wiggle room…Any possibility of an added cost to [seniors] must be seriously considered.’

“So when the Speaker talks about ‘elder care’ we now know it is nothing but empty words.

“Throughout this process the Democrats made it clear they wanted to freeze the American people out from knowing what their government has in store for them. Now it seems they also want to freeze them out of their homes.

“In addition to higher home heating costs, consider higher gas prices in our near future — even higher than they are today.

“Americans need relief at the pump. As I said, in the past year the price of gasoline has reached its highest point in over a decade.

“The good news is that we know what it takes to lower gasoline prices. Embrace innovation and American resources.

“That’s what America has been doing for nearly a decade — at least that’s what we were doing. And the results completely shifted the energy landscape in our favor.

“Just a few years ago, the United States produced more oil and gas than any other country in the world. And guess what — our gasoline prices reflected that.

“There were no lines at gas stations like we saw earlier this year and no anxiety that you would blow out your budget just by filling up your car.

“And by the way, when America is producing the energy that powers our lives — we do it safer and cleaner than any country in the world.

“If the Biden administration was truly interested in reducing emissions, they would be looking toward American oil and gas production, not away from it. Instead, their methane tax will make it harder for these companies to invest in technology, like carbon capture, that reduces emissions.

“We should be building pipelines here in America. Instead Joe Biden blocked the Keystone XL pipeline while greenlighting Russia’s Nord Stream II pipeline.

“And this bill makes it clear Democrats in Congress want to double down on his costly, extreme agenda.

“This bill bans drilling for oil and gas development on federal land.

“That means less American supply, more price shocks, and more pain at the pump is on the horizon. All at a time when gas prices are already at their highest in 7 years.

“We heard earlier from Scott Daniel what these dangerous policies will do to customers.

“Here’s what my friend Mayor Dave Noerr from Taft, California told us:

‘Only as recently as 1988, the state of California only imported about 4.5% of all the oil that we consumed in our state. Last year we imported over 70%. If you wonder what happens when you give up energy independence, that’s what’s going on.’

“Or how about Robinson Oil Corporation President Erin Graziosi in California:

‘We have already seen refineries move out of the state or reduce production, and that increases costs and causes a fair amount of supply issues… pushing oil extraction or field production outside the U.S. will only exacerbate that problem.’

Emmons Yates — Vice President of the New-Mexico oil and gas company Jalapeno Crop — said:

‘A lot of what I am seeing in these bills is that these are things that will raise costs, we all know that. But the real effects of them aren’t going to be seen until the next 2-3 years.’

Our colleague Stephanie Bice noted that many western states greatly rely on oil and gas for their state budgets.

‘Approximately 25% of our state’s revenue comes from the oil and gas industry. The fees, taxes, and regulations that this administration is looking to levy will impact every single piece of Oklahoma.’

“If you vote for this bill — I want you to go back to your districts, look families in the eyes, and tell them why you voted to make it more expensive to heat their homes, turn on their lights, and fill up their cars.

“Let’s talk about Americans spending their hard-earned money. It’s your money. What you do with your money is for you to decide, not Washington bureaucrats.

“But get this — Washington Democrats not only want you to pay more in taxes — they also want to spy on what you spend your money on.

“This bill hires 87,000 new IRS agents — doubling the size of the agency. That’s larger than the population of the President’s hometown of Scranton.

“What does the government plan to do with 87,000 new IRS agents?

“It certainly isn’t to have more people answer the phone and ask ‘How can I help?’ That would be too logical.

“Think they’ll just twiddle their thumbs? No.

“Democrats told us what they want to do: spy on every American’s bank account for spending as little as $28 a day.

“That’s less than $200 a week.

“And that’s what they’ll do through audits, regulations, and all the power that comes from doubling the size of the most intrusive bureaucracy in the federal government.

“If you or your family spends $28 a day — prepare to be under constant audit by the IRS.

“Warren Hudak runs a small business accounting firm in Pennsylvania. Like many small business owners, he knows how tough it is to succeed, even in the best of times. This new proposal will make it much worse.

“He recently told me:

‘Small businesses in Pennsylvania and throughout the country are struggling with labor shortages, rising inflation, and supply chain disruptions. Given these challenges, the Biden Administration’s proposals to require annual IRS reporting of inflows/outflows, from small businesses and individual accounts, would just add insult to injury.’

“Democrats say the IRS needs to spy on every American’s bank account because otherwise billionaires will cheat on their taxes.

“That’s nonsense.

“As Eric Bruen, who runs a small credit union in Ridgecrest, California, recently told me:

‘Look at what it’s going to do in the long run. Individuals are already beginning to withdraw savings from our credit unions. We don’t want to go back to the cash-under-the-mattress approach. We obviously would see liquidity issues and our ability to lend to the community… This is going to hit middle [class] American families the hardest, especially those two income families.’

“Furthermore, this idea that the government should treat Americans as guilty-until-proven-innocent should be a disgrace in a free nation such as ours.

“The Democrats have had three chances to remove this intrusive, abusive, and indefensible policy in response to public outrage and opposition.

“When pressed, they have adjusted their rhetoric.

“But tellingly, they’ve never abandoned the policy — even after we learned it would not pay for their new social programs.

“If Democrats believe small businesses and working families should pay more in taxes, they should just come out and say it.

“But pretending that spying on Americans who spend $28 a day is only about billionaires is an insult to everyone’s intelligence and to their liberty.

“When I started my first small business at the age of 20, I quickly learned the sacrifices required to be successful: you are the first to work, the last to leave, and the last to get paid.

“Few things in life are as rewarding as owning your own business, creating jobs, and delivering a product or service that people value.

“In every community, our small and local businesses don’t just strengthen the fabric of our economy — they are the threads to productive life.

“This bill will tear away at that fabric.

“Everyone in the country knows what the Covid-19 pandemic did to families and local businesses. Almost immediately, the Trump administration and the last Congress took action to provide immediate relief.

“As we pulled ourselves out of the pandemic the wind should have been at our backs — especially for small businesses.

“Americans were eager to go back to restaurants with their family and friends.

“We were eager to shop at our local stores after being forced to live by delivery services and online shopping.

“We were eager to be there for the businesses that are usually there for us.

“But instead of businesses experiencing new opportunities, they are again facing the threat of closure — and it’s not because of the pandemic.

“The threat comes primarily from a historic labor shortage, which as I described is driven by Democrat policies passed earlier this year.

“And in the face of this labor shortage — small and local businesses will now have to contend with a new child tax credit that replaces our existing model with welfare without any work requirement.

“Small and local businesses that are looking to rebound and grow coming out of the pandemic will be left fighting to simply keep the doors open by doing more work with fewer employees.

“That is simply unsustainable.

“Objection to this proposal isn’t about being anti-family. Republicans believe the family is the foundation of a strong society, which is why we have supported expanding the child tax credit in the past.

“But we also know work establishes purpose and there is no government substitute for a job and an earned income.

“By removing the work requirement, the government is putting itself in competition with small businesses.

“Larry Allison, Owner of Allison Crane and Rigging told us:

‘We are concerned about where we are going to get the employees. What are the costs of the employees going to be… I’m trying to get more and more diversified today, getting ready for the next time the governor tries to shut us down here in Pennsylvania.’

“Andy Ray, Owner of BrightStar Care in Mesa, Arizona echoed a similar concern:

‘I find myself emerging from the pandemic, heading right into another one that is very clear… This legislation is very clear… I am extremely worried that if this legislation goes through, and the disincentives to work continue, where am I going to get the team to do this? And what are my options? This bill raises taxes right when I am going out of the pandemic.’

“And for a government that has proven so incompetent this year, do we honestly expect an expansion of welfare programs not to be overwhelmed with fraud?

“Last month it was reported that unemployment fraud in California reached $20 billion. That’s 13 percent of the state’s entire budget!

“Andrew Gruel, Founder and Executive Chef of Slapfish Restaurant, illustrated how this isn’t just a line item issue on a ledger:

‘When they shut down outdoor dining, 90% of the restaurants in Southern California closed… I had people come to me and say they lost their job, and now the government is telling me there’s no government benefits available because they misappropriated upwards of $50 billion in unemployment funds.’

“I cannot believe that this body — which was so quick to provide local businesses with what they needed to survive the pandemic — is prepared to pull the plug on them, and thus on the families and neighbors they serve and operate in.

“But let’s talk about another idea in this bill that is so unbelievably out of touch with reality, and flat-out dangerous to our citizens: amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“During the worst border crisis in our nation’s history, Democrats want to make it even more attractive to cross the border illegally and break our laws.

“According to its supporters, this bill grants amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants who will be able to obtain a government-issued ID. But it doesn’t have a single cent for more border security.

“And here’s the kicker — many Democrats don’t think it goes far enough!

“The winners of this mass amnesty would be the smugglers and the criminal cartels who get a government-provided advertisement for new customers.

“We’ve seen it time and again — allowing illegal immigration fuels more illegal immigration. Even talking about amnesty is a public relations coup for the coyotes.

“The losers, however, would be the rule of law, legal immigrants, and most importantly, American citizens.

“As the crisis gets worse, it will creep further into American cities.

“We now know that the Biden administration isn’t sending illegal immigrants back. They are flying them into cities across the country in the dead of night.

“Every American city is set to become a border city — and a sanctuary city.

“We’ve heard from Mayor Don McLaughlin about the effects this dangerous policy will have on American cities — especially those near or along the border.

“Here’s what Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels told us:

‘The rule of law is being destroyed here. The violent behavior we’re seeing from the cartels — the cartels call my office saying they’re gonna kill my deputies — and the things we’ve seen… our quality of life not just on our borders, but in America is being diminished.’

“Who gave you the right to sacrifice those lives, those dreams, those futures — just so you could grab just a bit more power?

“Now, let me be clear: Objections to mass amnesty aren’t anti-immigrant. Republicans recognize the value that immigrants bring to American society, America’s culture, and America’s economy.

“We know that America is a nation of immigrants, and we honor this tradition and history.

“As I often say at naturalization ceremonies — George Washington is the Father of your country, Abraham Lincoln is your liberator, and Martin Luther King spoke of your dreams.

“So, yes we are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws.

“Amnesty is unfair to everyone who plays by the rules — whether they are American citizens or legal immigrants. It will depress wages, reward law breaking, and strain public resources.

“That is why Republicans reject the growing calls by Democrats to defund ICE and open our borders to everyone.

“Without the rule of law, we cannot have a fair, functioning, or secure immigration system. Without the rule of law, we cannot have a free society.

“Finally, I want to discuss an issue that has sparked a Parents Movement across this country: education.

“Every parent in every community and every corner of the country has the right to know what their children are being taught and what they are actually learning — and no politician or government bureaucrat should have the power to deny you that right.

“Republicans respect the rights of parents. After all, these are your children. It’s their future.

“Over the last year, everyone has listened to passionate parents speak out when out-of-touch politicians and ineffective school boards kept their childrens’ schools closed for months on end.

“We have seen and heard parents and children speaking out at school board meetings, frustrated by the ‘government-knows-best’ approach to education.

“But let me tell you what I never hear from families — hopelessness.

“As any parent can relate, our children are the most important people in our lives, and we will do everything to protect them and make sure they have the best opportunities available.

“That is why, despite being targeted by President Biden’s Department of Justice, parents are speaking out louder than ever.

“Parents nationwide refuse to accept lower expectations for their kids. And this month, we heard Virginia parents say, ‘enough.’

“Enough of elected officials who pay more attention to the head of the national teacher’s union, Randi Weingarten, than to the needs of the nation’s children.

“Enough of politicians who tell them they don’t deserve to have a say in their own kids’ education.

“Enough of local school boards who listen to divisive activists who want children to judge each other on the color of their skin — but who ignore the parents who try to explain the devastating and long-term effects of a year of lost learning.

“The message sent by Virginia parents on November 2 was loud, clear, and inspirational: ‘these are our kids and we will have a say in what they learn in the classrooms.’

“A few of these parents joined me earlier this month for a discussion on the harmful policies in this bill.

“Ginny Gentles, a Northern Virginia mom and school choice advocate, said it perfectly:

‘Many parents are frustrated with their K-12 public schools…We experienced over a year of closed schools, disastrous remote learning, misspent emergency federal money, refusal to meet the needs of children with disabilities, lowered academic standards, and classrooms focused on woke agendas rather than addressing learning loss and essential academic instruction — we’re fed up.’

“Republicans hear their concerns. But Democrats in Congress are choosing to ignore them. They’d rather appease teachers unions than listen to parents and students.

“Here’s how: in this bill, Democrats want the federal government to dictate education standards.

“Make no mistake: nationalized education means less control for parents and more control for Washington politicians who want to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on unionized, universal Pre-K.

“It means the Secretaries of HHS and Education have the final say in what our children will learn.

“Democrats describe their policies as ‘investments.’ But the truth is, these are not the kinds of investments that pay dividends. In fact, it’s the opposite.

“Will they improve education performance for children? No.

“Will they keep childcare costs down and give parents better choices? No.

“Will they create new opportunities? No.

“Instead, it will inevitably result in lower standards, limited choice, and more indoctrination.

“That is a path that would quickly transform society’s Great Equalizer into its greatest failure.

“These troubling outcomes are Democrats’ vision for the future, but they must not become our children’s future.

“Republicans have a better vision.

“We believe that parents matter, that parents know best, and that parents belong at the center of their child’s education. They have not only the responsibility, but the right, to know what their kids learn in classrooms.

“That is why Republicans have unveiled a Parents’ Bill of Rights.

“It doesn’t matter your wealth or the color of your skin: you have a right to know what is being taught in school. You have a right to have a seat at the table. Our children have a right to have a seat at the table too.

“Education is the great equalizer. We’re all created equal and we’re going to make sure we make that happen across the country so all students have a brighter future.

“Over ten years ago this body rushed to pass a government takeover of our healthcare system — now known as Obamacare.

“It came just three days after Americans in Virginia and New Jersey elected Republican governors, sending a loud and clear message to Democrats in Washington to stop what they were doing.

“When the Speaker was talking about that bill before it passed she infamously said: ‘we have to pass it to know what’s in it.’

“Sound familiar? It should. It’s almost exactly what is happening on the floor today — only much, much worse.

“It’s the Green New Deal, historic tax hikes, historic borrowing and spending, a government takeover of our education system, open borders for illegal immigration, and incentives to make products anywhere in the world but here — in America.

“And if I need to, I must remind my colleagues on the other side of the aisle what was awaiting the Democrat party nearly a year after that vote.

“Americans across the country stood and sent a historic message to Washington:

“63 new Republicans were elected that next year.

“If you vote for this bill you know is wrong… if you hand your voting card over to Speaker Pelosi… if you put partisanship above people — the same fate awaits you in 355 days.

“But that future is not set yet in stone. You have a chance to make a choice.

“That choice is not the Speaker’s choice. Because I can almost certainly promise you she won’t be here to face the consequences of voting for this bill.

“This is — in her own words — ‘the culmination of her career.’

“Do you want it to be the culmination of yours?

“When your constituents call for help to secure benefits at the VA — where do you want to be?

“When a crisis hits your community — such as a hurricane, wildfire, or earthquake — where do you want to be?

“Or when they are hurting — when they are suffering — when they are in need of your help where do you want to be?

“I trust that answer is here. That’s why you ran for this position in the first place.

“But if you vote for this bill I can promise that many of you will not be serving in this body after the midterms.

“Today is not just about saving your seat, it’s about saving your country.

“It’s about showing your constituents, and the American People, that Members of Congress still vote their conscience.

“That members of Congress still put country before party.

“Your vote is precious.

“Your vote is sacred.

“And your vote is yours — not Pelosi’s and not Biden’s. Cast it according to your conviction and your faith in what is right.

“So I ask you, is it right to raise taxes on small businesses whose only crime is making their products in America?

“Is it right to ignore the dire, desperate pleas of our border agents and pass a colossal amnesty for illegal immigrants during the middle of the largest wave of illegal immigration in human history?

“Is it right to cast a vote that will bring more drugs, more crime, more job losses into your communities?

“Is it right to destroy safety to accommodate open borders?

“Is it right to tax the energy our seniors need to heat their homes in the winter?

“Is it right to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans simply because they live in Nancy Pelosi’s district or Senator Schumer’s backyard?

“Today is a day to make your choice. To make a choice for your community.

“Your communities aren’t hives of hyper-partisanship.

“They overflow with proud Americans who work hard today so that tomorrow can be brighter.

“But what the radical left is trying to do today is crushing, callous, cruel, craven, and a sign of colossal contempt for the law-abiding Americans. It’s not about compassion, it’s about control.

“Somewhere along the way this year, the voices of the American people vanished from this chamber.

“In a sense they were banished by order of the Speaker.

“After a year of pandemic rules and proxy voting, most Americans still can’t visit the People’s House in person.

“Access to the chamber remains severely and unfairly restricted, including now.

“Think about it — you are allowed in the galleries if you are going to vote for the Speaker. But not when Congress is voting on the most expensive bill in history.

“I am furious about the Speaker’s raw abuses of power. Her actions are destroying everything that makes the House a symbol of freedom.

“The idea that the People’s House would listen to the people has been abandoned by the Speaker.

“My Democrat colleagues, you must not abandon them too.

“Think of your country, of your constituents, and for yourselves.

“For those of you who represent districts similar to the communities in New Jersey and Virginia — you know this bill is not in the interest of the country or the people who elected you to represent them.

“You know that because those voters sent a clear message against it. You know it will be condemned by history and by generations to come.

“You still have time to do the right thing.

“I sincerely hope you have the courage to vote against the political machine that’s attempting to force this disaster on Americans for nothing more than a political win to appease the most radical wing of your party.

“Nancy Pelosi is not a dictator — she’s the Speaker. Don’t let her dictate the direction of our country or of this sacred institution.

“Every member of this House is elected by the people of his or her district.

“We come to Washington as equals: one district, one vote. Every member deserves to be heard, and the 700,000 Americans you represent deserves respect.

“I urge everyone, Republican and Democrat, to listen to the American people.

“And for the sake of our children, their children, and the dreams of generations of Americans yet unborn, Vote no!

“Defeat the bill!

“End this nightmare.

“Stop this travesty.

“Restore justice.

“And truth and decency and righteousness to the people’s House.”