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Washington D.C. – At a weekly press conference, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) addressed California’s homelessness crisis and thanked President Trump for calling attention to it and its causes.

Highlights are below, or watch the full press conference here.

I had a symposium on homelessness just in the last couple weeks where I brought city and county governments, all the non-profits, [law enforcement] and the faith community.

It’s become the number one issue.

[San Diego Mayor] Kevin Faulconer was fighting the crisis … and homelessness has actually decreased in San Diego. It shows the contrast between a Republican belief and a Democrat belief.  It shows the contrast of solving a problem instead of making a problem worse.

If you analyze the homelessness:

  • 51 percent of them in my community is because of [drug addiction].
  • 27 percent come in with mental illness.
  • But we can not even help an individual get treatment and off the streets because of the way the law is written.

The other problem of why you have homelessness is affordability.

  • Every new regulation has made California less affordable.
  • Then we have a Governor who comes out with a very bold statement: that he’s going to provide free health care to any illegal person who comes to California … It is a backward policy that has created problems from affordability to homelessness.

I am thankful that the President went to California and I am thankful that the President is calling this out and I am thankful that we have people who have a commonsense conservative view like Kevin Faulconer [who] chose a way to solve this problem. And that’s what we’re doing in Bakersfield as well.