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Washington D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined CNBC’s Squawk Box and Fox News’ America’s Newsroom Monday morning to discuss the importance of Congress moving forward with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the continued fight for freedom in Hong Kong, and the success of the economy under President Trump with support from Congressional Republicans. Leader McCarthy also expressed optimism on the future of the Republican party in the House.

Highlights are below, or watch the full CNBC hit here, and the full Fox News hit here.

On Passing the USMCA:

“We’ve been in good faith talks for more than eight months on [USMCA]… we should have had this done before we departedMexico has already ratified this by voting on it. Canada is waiting for us to act. They’ve got an election coming up in November — now is the perfect window in September to get it done. It brings more than 170,000 new jobs, makes our GDP stronger

“…the Democrats should find ways to actually bring America up instead of focusing on just trying to bring the President downTake the President out of it and put the country first and there will be no question that USMCA gets called up and voted on and makes America stronger.”

On Hong Kong’s Fight for Freedom:

“… What are they craving inside Hong Kong today? Just freedom. And America stands with anyone who stands for freedom. Remember, America is more than a country, we are an idea, an idea of self-governance, that our power rests with the people. I think just as back in the ’80’s we stood with the shipyard workers of Poland, we stand with those in Hong Kong today.”

On the Strength of the American Economy: 

“President Trump is going to be the nominee and President Trump is going to get reelected. Why? Because we have the strongest economy we’ve had in the last 50 years. If you look at the last 13 months, hourly wage has gone up at least by 3 percent or more every single month. If you look at the statistics when it comes to women age 25 to 54, the participation rate in the economy is 76.3 percent — the highest it’s been since 2002. This is one of our strongest moments we’ve had and we’ve shown that by having the Republican policies pass where Democrats are all voting ‘no’.”

On the Future of the Republican Party in the House:

“I was sad when [Representative] Ted Poe retired in the last Congress, but who followed him? Dan Crenshaw. It is good to have new blood going through. [Representative Jim] Sensenbrenner has been a tremendous Congressman — he served more than 42 years.

“[…] there is no concern on the basis of whether we’ll gain the majority back. Thirty-one Democrats sit in seats that President Trump carried. We only have to win 19. Democrats had to win 23 in the last cycle. We have fewer seats to gain with a bigger playing field to go. The one thing I’m excited about, look at Wesley Hunt in Houston running for Congress — West Point graduate, flew Apaches. He is ahead in the polls running against the incumbent. We have a transformation happening within the Republican party with new blood coming in that’s only going to make the team stronger and I know that’s what is going to carry us to the new majority.”

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