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“What we are going to do here is we are going to restore our way of life, we are going to defeat this virus and keep America healthy, and we are going to create a safe and effective vaccine. We are going to triple our rapid COVID-19 testing and we will protect pre-existing conditions.

“We are going to modernize our stockpile because what Joe Biden and Obama left us [put] us in a tough situation.

“[And] the other thing we are going to do is make our communities safe and secure again. We’re not going to defund the police, we are actually going to add $1.75 billion for police training, community policing… But more importantly we will add a 500,000 body cameras.

“And [we will] protect our rights under the Constitution — free speech, religious freedom, [protecting] the unborn, the Second Amendment.

“Then we are going to rebuild the biggest economy. We’ve done it once and we will do it again. We do that by a tax proposal that lets you keep more [of your own money], and we are going to add 10 million new jobs…

“Then, we are going to renew the American dream. We are going to allow every child to go to an excellent school — we will invest in mathematics and science… This is a [chance] to restore, rebuild and renew, and what we will do is reunite this nation once and for all.

“If you compare that to what the Democrats are doing, they want to defund the police… They want to dismantle this nation, and they have wasted their majority putting up impeachment on a partisan basis simply because they didn’t like the outcome [of the election]. And they are going to destroy our economy because on day one Joe Biden said he was going to raise taxes.”