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Today, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation to discuss the most important issues of the day.

On Ebola:

“We know Africa does not have the same medical treatments as we do. So we can’t ignore it and let this spread around the world. It’s not just our problem, it is world’s problem. If someone traveled from Liberia and went to another nation in Europe and met somebody and that person came to America, so how could we possibly stop all of that? I don’t know that the planes does that so we have to go to the core of the problem, solve it there and invest in a vaccine and a treatment so we cure it once and for all…. Most importantly, let’s not have bureaucracy and red tape slow down the FDA from any experimental drug that can happen and can cure in Africa and can test it.”


“I don’t think we should ever sit back and tell our enemies what we will and will not do. If we need special forces there, if that’s what the generals say, then we need to do it. If we engage in a conflict we know this is a threat to America, we should make it so one-sided it over very, very quickly so we should have everything on the table to make sure we win this. And this is a big crisis and this was not an intelligence failure. This was a lack of action the administration. You know, Fallujah and Ramadi fell ten months ago, former CIA director and secretary of defense Leon Panetta talks about those actions that the administration knew of this and did not take. So options are more limited today. Maybe we could have handled this differently but I think special forces and others are probably going to have to be on the ground because after those missiles hit and they get out of those humvees and repaint their trucks, we have to know where they are, and are the hits being successful.”

On what needs to change in government:

“I come from a small town of Bakersfield, California. I grew up with Democrats. I started my first business when I was 19. I learned a valuable lesson as a small business owner: You are the first one to work, last one to leave, and last one to be paid. That entrepreneur spirit has to start America working again and we need to open this House back up. But most importantly as I travel, I have been to a 100 districts before this election, the number one thing I hear from the public, “Can Washington work again?” You just see all of these failures by the Administration from the roll out of the health-care website to the debacle of the VA to Benghazi. Even the Secret Service can’t even protect the White House today. And we have in the Senate Harry Reid who has held up 387 bills that have passed the house and he won’t let them vote on it.