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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on Fox Business this morning to discuss the state of the economy, and how the GOP agenda is helping build a healthier, safer, and stronger America.

Excerpts of the interview are below, or watch online here.

On the positive economic impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

“Unemployment is now at 3.9%, this is the lowest it’s been in almost 20 years. If someone’s going to college right now this is the best economy they’ve ever seen. Unemployment claims are at a 44-year low…and in 48 out of 50 states have lower electrical bills because of the new tax code. Millions of people got a bonus and in just one company 1.2 million got longer maternity leave. I don’t think the economy is going to slow down–I think you’re going to see continued growth because this isn’t the only thing that we’ve done.”

On recent legislation passed and signed into law by President Trump:

“Last week we passed Dodd-Frank reform. You know what that’s going to do for community banks and for small businesses? They now will be able to get more lending. We passed Right to Try–so a person who is seriously ill is able to get a drug is not approved yet within a trial. We passed more VA reforms with the MISSION Act being signed into law. We did NDAA, we did prison reform, and that was all just last week.”

On how Congress is working to combat the opioid epidemic:

“There’s not one person in America that doesn’t know somebody suffering from addiction. 174 people will die today [from drug overdoses] because addiction. We’ve got almost 70 bills coming to the floor dealing with opioids. The Democrats are fighting us on this just as they did on tax reform. But we will not stop and we will solve this problem.”

On President Trump’s potential North Korea summit:

“I see great progress…I give President Trump a great deal amount of credit. Remember it was the Democrats who criticized the way he was talking about [North Korea]. It brought them to the table–he’s been able to shut the border down with China and he’s been able to bring North Korea leaders to meet in South Korea…. He’s going to have the meeting if it’s the right terms…. Remember when Reagan was meeting with Gorbachev he had to get up and walk away to ultimately get the Berlin Wall to shut down. President Trump will do the right thing, and he’ll have the right tone. I see progress in this meeting going forward and I think that’s because of the actions that he has taken.”