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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at a House Leadership press conference today calling on Representative Luis Gutierrez (IL-04) to apologize to General Kelly for his disgraceful comments and remarking on the accomplishment of passing all 12 spending bills through the House.

Remarks are below or watch online here.

On Representative Gutierrez’s disgraceful comments about General Kelly:

“I first want to address something that Representative Gutierrez said at the end of last week about White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly. We all know General Kelly is a retired general and the highest ranking service member to have ever lost a child in battle [in Afghanistan or Iraq]. General Kelly has served his country in the Marines. He is serving his country again in this Administration. He is truly an American patriot.

No, what is disgraceful is to attack the character of such an honorable man who has dedicated his life to serving this country and whose family gave the ultimate sacrifice. I believe Representative Gutierrez owes General Kelly and his family an apology.

On Congress’s support for disaster relief:

“Yesterday, I put together a conference call for a number of the members who were affected by IRMA with the White House, FEMA, and DHS, much as we did within Texas as well. I don’t think this country has seen two major devastations like this so back-to-back. But the preparedness of the first responders not even having the rest but being able to go down into Florida and Georgia to rescue those individuals—this country owes a deep debt of gratitude to you. And this Congress will continue to act to be able to be there and help rebuild for those that have been affected.”

On the historic completion of all 12 spending bills and the Senate’s need to do the same:

“Now on this floor we’re going to do something many of you never believed we could achieve. I want to give you a few quotes—I looked back. When we talked about how we would run an open process, have an appropriations process that runs through the committee—subcommittee, full committee—and take all 12 bills to the floor and debate them, some of the comments said it was ‘complete fiction’ to ‘not any time soon” to the full reporting series of James Arkin of Congress, ‘Fiscal Woes.’ Well you know today, we’re proving you wrong. We’ll finish the debate and tomorrow we will pass all 12.

“And we will pass them with a majority in Congress. I believe the Senate should do the same—with a simple majority of the Senate, which the American public believes should be done. They believe the House has the authority with appropriations to pass it with a majority. The Senate should wave the 60-vote rule and pass it with a simple majority and take it to the President’s desk.”