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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on the government funding legislation:

“The Air Force gets spare parts for their planes from museums. The Navy is facing a manpower shortage and asking new sailors to extend their time at sea. These are just two examples of a military that has been underfunded because the Obama Administration’s previous demands to match a dollar increase of defense spending with a dollar increase for the Administration’s pet domestic projects. This government funding bill breaks this false restraint and gets our military what it needs first. We will allocate additional funding on top of the base defense spending included in the package to rebuild our aging equipment, upgrade our outdated defense systems, and give our servicemen and women a raise. Finally, we have an Administration that understands that national defense can’t take a back seat to growing government at home.

“Along with a strong national defense, we are securing our borders. Coupled with an historic decrease in border crossings to a 17-year low, the increased border security funding in this legislation takes us one step closer to fully and completely protecting our southern border. We also made sure to increase funds to combat terrorism and cybercrimes and to fight the criminals and drug traffickers that pollute our streets and put law-abiding citizens at risk. A government shows its priorities by what it spends on, and our priority is and will always be to defend Americans at home and abroad.

“Finally, the historically wet winter out west is maxing out our archaic water storage system. So we can build off good times to thrive in harder times, we’ve allocated $67 million to increase water storage and make sure everyone can get the water they need for their homes and their crops.”